Week 6 Distance Learning
    1. Listen to the 9.2 Audio Read Along as you read Textbook Section 9.2 Earth's Changing Contintents REPEAT listening & reading of section 3 times during the week 
    2.  Complete the Directing Reading Worksheet Questions for 9.2 Earth's Changing Contintents write answers in your notebook or highlight your answer choices on pages from workbook 
    3.  Complete 9.2 Interactive Reader write answers in your notebook for use worksheets from your HOMEWORK WORKBOOK
    4. Write 9.2 Vocabulary definitions  Cornell Note Style in your science notebook
    5. Draw, color and label 9.2  Visual in your science notebook 
    6. Take pictures of your work and email to Lizette.Cabrera@sausdlearns.net due by FRIDAY
    EXTRA Credit:
    1. Watch BrainPop PLATE TECTONICS Video & take 10 notes about Change Over Time
    2. Take the BrainPop Quiz for the video 
    3. Play the Time Zone X: PLATE TECTONICS
    4. Click on the RELATED READINGS tabs to find out more about Evolution - write a short summary of what you learned 
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