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    Name: Mrs. Cabrera
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    Course Title: 7th Grade Science


    Department: Science


    Length of Course: 1 year


    Required or Elective: Required


    Brief Overview of Course:


     This course provides basic study in cell biology, genetics, evolution, earth’s and life history, structures and functions in living systems and physical principles in living systems. Experimentation and investigation (laboratory skills and the use of the scientific method) are vital components in this course of study and will be integrated through out the curriculum in order to build an understanding of major concepts.



    Key Assignments:

    Evidence of Concept Mastery in the following areas:

    1. Cell biology
    2. Genetics
    3. Evolution
    4. Earth and Life History
    5. Structure and Function in Living Systems

          6.     Physical Principles in Living Systems





    Methods of Instruction:

    1. Laboratory Work/Hands on Investigations
    2. Lecture /Guided Reading (SQ3R-Cornell Notes)
    3. Cooperative Learning /Positive Classroom Environment
    4. Demonstrations
    5. Small/Large Group Discussions
    6. Guided Practice
    7. Multimedia and Computer Technology (interactive SMART Board)

    Methods of Assessment

    1. Lab Reports/Lab notebooks (composition notebook)
    2. Common Assessments (bimonthly)
    3. Homework/Class work
    4. Projects (1 per Quarter)
    5. Written and Oral presentations
    6. Written Response/ Journals
    7. Teacher Observations
    8. Student-Self Assessment


    Textbook & Supplemental Instructional Materials:

    Text: Holt Science & Technology, Life Science 2007, by Holt, Rinehart and Winston. ISBN: 0-03-042657-X

    Support Materials:

    1. Holt Interactive Reader and Study Guide.

    2. Holt Standards Review Workbook



    Contact Information: Phone # 714 972 7800