Mendez’s Physical Education Locker Room Guidelines/ Procedures


    Entering the Locker Room Procedures


    Before Class-


    • Must get permission from a PE teacher before entering the locker rooms
    • Students are to line up on number lines by grade level and gender
    • Put all Cell Phones away in there backpack, there is Zero Tolerance Policy in the locker rooms (Considered a Dead Zone for Technology).


    Before exiting the locker rooms at the end of the period-


    • Students should take their lock and clothes with them and leave no items in the locker room.
    • Throw all trash away
    • Tuck in their shirts and exit in a civilized manner


    Procedures for Lining Up On Roll Call Numbers:


    • Students must go directly to their roll call numbers, be seated and be prepared for roll call (they will be marked tardy if this procedure is not followed).  Students that do not follow the guidelines will lose citizenship and/or performance grade points.


    Locker Room Guidelines:


    • Do not share lockers unless authorized by a PE teacher (Locks should/must be obtained through Mendez Fundamental so we can help all students efficiently during the period, i.e. Lost combination, etc)
    • Do not share lock combinations with anyone unless you are instructed by a PE teacher,  and are instructed to share a locker
    • Do not share clothes
    • Clothes must be washed on a regular basis for health purposes
    • Only Stick deodorant is permitted  - No spray or pump deodorants
    • No Lotions of any type (Except Sun Screen)
    • No Jewelry allowed during PE Activity time.
    • All backpacks must be properly stored before leaving the locker rooms for their PE class
    • Absolutely no food, drinks or gum in the locker rooms
    • Absolutely no screaming, chanting, running, chasing or inappropriate touching in the locker room
    • Do not bring/store inappropriate items in the locker rooms (i.e. iPods, cell phones, etc.,) The P.E. Department will not be held responsible for your child’s negligence. The Locker room is a Zero Tolerance area for cell phones.
    • When bringing PE clothes or taking PE clothes home, they must be stored inside the backpacks at all times on campus.
    • No loaner clothes will be provided, students will participate in their school clothes.


    Please sign and have your child return this entire document to their Physical Education teacher.


    I have read and understand all of the Physical Education Guidelines and Regulations set forth for the 2021-2022 school year.


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Last Modified on September 13, 2021