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    Welcome to Villa Fundamental Intermediate School.  As a Physical Education Department, we will provide a safe and positive environment that will foster learning for every student. Our program focuses on the growth, well-being, and development of each student.  Along with teaching sports, fitness, skills and lifetime activities, our goal is to assist each student in becoming a productive and responsible citizen.


    5 Keys to SuccessGraduating eagle on books


    1.  Uniforms:   Students are requested to wear the school P.E. uniform.

                            -P.E. uniforms are sold  at school for $20. 

    (shirt: $10, shorts: $10.00, lock: $5.00)

    -Navy blue, red or gray sweats may be worn ONLY during cold weather.


    2.  Lockers:    Each student will be assigned a small locker to store his/her personal belongings only during their P.E. period.  Students are not to share lockers or give out locker combinations. 


    3. Medical:     A non-participation excuse up to 3 days will be accepted from a parent

        Excuse        or guardian; a doctor’s note will be required after the 4th day.  Students must bring a non-participation note to the nurse’s office before school.


    4.  Roll Call:   Students are to be seated on their assigned roll call numbers within 6 minutes of the tardy bell.  If students are tardy to their roll call number, it is imperative to check in with their teacher prior to sitting down.


    5.  Grades:      Grades are derived from: participation, attendance, uniform, effort, sportsmanship, leadership, social interaction, and behavior.


    Thank you for your support and we look forward to having a wonderful

     school year!


    Physical Education Department

    Ms. McReynolds,and Ms. Zamudio
     Mr. Ferrara, Mr. Llopis & Mr. Stewart


    I have read and committed to the following: 5 Keys to Success, Locker Room Rules and Class Rules.



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