• Welcome to the 2021-22 school year.

    My name is Mr. Jamison

    School Phone Number: 714-558-6513

    Email: shawn.jamison@sausd.us



    P. 1 Matthews-ELA-7th grade (collab)

    P. 2 Prep Period

    P. 3  7th Grade Academic Support-Jamison

    P. 4 Matthews-ELA-7th grade (collab)

    P. 5 Chang-ELA-7th grade (collab)

    P. 6 Karr-t7h grade math (collab) 


    My expectations for this year is for your student to not be a afraid to ask for help. If you student needs help and he/she is hesitant to ask their teacher for help; please contact me as soon as possible.