All extra credit must be done completely to receive any credit.
    The extra credit options for you over Thanksgiving break will be listed below:
    1. Labs - if you choose to do one of these labs you must download and print a copy of the lab. (Read through the entire lab including the questions before you decide if you want to do it or not). Do the actual lab and either have someone video you or take pictures during the lab in which I must see your face. You will then either email me the pictures or show me on the due date. You will answer any questions on the lab and turn in the paper copy.
    1. 2. You can create a chemistry song or video. (Could be about chemistry in general, an element, or lab safety). You must record the song/skit/video and share it with me.
    Any extra credit must be turned in on December 2nd, 2019 the first day we come back from break. You must be the one to bring it to me. I will not ask you to turn it in. You can do as much or as little as you like, however if you did them first semester, you may not do the same thing you did second semester.