• Honors Chemistry

    Class Expectations

    2020 - 2021

    I. Descrition:

    This course is intended to be a college preparatory, laboratory science course. It will provide credit towards the science graduation requirement as a physical science.

    II. Materials:


    Prentice Hall Chemistry, by Wilbraham. The books are an essential part of this class. TAKE CARE OF YOUR BOOK!

    Other materials

    Students will come to class prepared DAILY with the following items:

    • Writing utensils: pencil, red pen, and black/blue pen
    • Composition Books (College rule; 100 sheets)
    • Scientific, non-graphing, calculator (example TI-30X)
    • Highlighter (optional but really helpful!)

    III. Distance Learning:

    It is your responsibility to be a respectful, kind human online. We will be meeting via Google Classroom for each session. The Google Meet link is located in the top left corner of our Google Classroom. Please note that all Google Meet sessions will be recorded including the chat box. There is an attached Google meet etiquette pdf we will also review.

    IV. Attendance:

    Your attendance is required at each Google Meet session or you will be marked absent. It will also be required for you to participate in the class via discussion (verbal or through the chat box) and various other activities throughout each session.

    V. Office Hours:

    There will be office hours on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays via Google Meets 1:00pm-2:52pm. You can stop by and get extra help or ask questions. You are going to log into your google account and the code for my office hours is Morgan405. Please note that all sessions will be recorded including the chat box.

    VI. Grading:

    All assignments will be assigned a point value. You should be monitoring your grade on Aeries all year round. Grades are weighted according to the following:

    • Participation = 15%
    • Homework/Classwork = 15%
    • Test/Quizzes = 25%
    • Labs/Projects = 20%
    • Final = 25%

    The grading scale is as follows:

                100 – 90%       A

                89 – 80%         B

                79 – 70%         C

                69 – 60%         D

                59 – 50%         F

    VII. Progressive Discipline Plan:

    Behavior should never be an issue. We are all here to learn and we will all respect each other. Students who do not follow the rules will be subject to the following action(s):

    • 1st minor offense: warning
    • 2nd minor offense: Parent phone call/conference
    • 3rd offense: referral to administration

    VIII. Class Rules:

    • RESPECT is the rule!
    • Students are expected to be polite and behave well. You will be treated as an adult as long as you act like one. Be respectful, polite, and courteous to me and to each other.
    • Profanity is not acceptable!
    • Personal grooming is not to be done during class time.
    • Students are expected to be on the Google Meet session on time.
    • Excessive tardiness will result in parent contact and referrals
    • Electronic devices besides your Chromebook are not to be used during class unless you have permission, or I have said it is ok for the activity.

    IX. Homework:

    Homework is for review and practice. If you do not put in the work, you will not pass. Practice is essential to understanding the content.

    If you are absent, you are still responsible for making up the work you missed. You will have two days to complete your homework after the day you return to class. Only if you have an excused absence.

    Missing Assignments

    It is your job to make up missing assignments. If that is a test or quiz, you are responsible for scheduling a make-up with me within one week of your return to class.

    Make up work/tests are only possible if your absence is EXCUSED!

    X. Labs:

    Right now, all labs will be either digital simulations or demonstrations done by the teacher until further notice.

    Lab safety is our number 1 priority!



    These expectations are subject to change and we all need to be flexible.