• Attendance Policy

    Students are expected to attend school regularly. Each class period is factored as an independent absence for purposes of state audits. Students who are absent more than five (5) days during any given school year, are less likely to earn excellent academic grades in their classes. Saddleback High School reports all absences to the District, County, and State agencies for purposes of SART (School Attendance Review Team) and SARB (School Attendance Review Board). In the event of an absence, parents or guardians must notify our school about the date and reason for absence.

    Students are expected to be in their seats by the time the bell rings.

    Tardy Policy

    First Tardy

    Student receives warning

    Second Tardy

    Parent contact by teacher

    Third Tardy

    Parent contact and teacher-assigned consequence

    Fourth Tardy

    Teacher-assigned consequence

    Fifth, Eighth, Tenth Tardy

    Administrators may assign Central Detention, Saturday School, SART or SARB

    Saturday School

    Students assigned to Saturday School will attend 4 hours from 8:15 AM to 12:30 PM. Activities will include: life skills curriculum and academic assistance. Nutrition will be provided. Failure to attend Saturday School may result in disciplinary consequences, including losing privileges to school events and dances.

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