• J. Gibson - Art of Graphics

    Room 607 

    Conference Period: Period 5 

    email: jonathan.gibson@sausd.us

    phone: 714-569-6300 x63445

    All Art of Graphics course material can be found in your google classroom
    Program Overview
    1. Program Introduction (Tool basics and file management)
    2. Working with Photos (corrections and enhancements)
    3. Painting (lineart and photos)
    4. Compositiing (combining multiple images into one)
    5. Designing (for online and print)
    Grading Categories
    1. Notes (textbook and class)
    2. Project files (class and independent)
    3. Artist Reviews
    4. Quizzes (written and production
    5. Tests (written and production)
    PSAT Practice with the Khan Academy
    1. Open your Chromebooks
    2. Log on to www.satpractice.org
    3. Click “Start Practicing”
    4. Click “Continue with Google”
    You will see your sausdlearns account (or log in if you have an account)
    5. Click “Allow”

    This will take you to the Khan Academy
Last Modified on September 15, 2017