• Sandra Corr
    This year: PE Courses 1 & 2;
    AVID 1
    Email: sandra.corr@sausdlearns.net
    Instagram:  mrscorrxtra -- For extra credit assignments and more...
    Parents who are supporting their child's education, please feel free to text or call me anytime @949.294.1132
    Now in Session -- Fall 2020-21 (virtually)
    Office Hours: 1:00 - 2:52 p.m. Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri.

    Office Hours Link (M, T, TH, F - 1-3P.M.):
    Check Google Classroom and gmail accts. for assignments/emails daily --
    First meetings Monday & Tuesday on Google Hangouts
    at your scheduled class time. Look for an email with the invite info:)
    See Mrs. Corr's 2020 Syllabus Below:

    Physical Education Syllabus and Course Guidelines

    AVID 1

    Saddleback High School

    Remote Learning Plan

    Fall 2020




    Alex Bravo, P.E. Department Chair/P.E.Teacher

    Jannike Avila, Dance Teacher/Director

    Sandra Corr, P.E. Teacher/AVID Teacher

    Rod Pesak, P.E. Teacher

    Julio Villasenor, P.E. Teacher


    Expectations: The GC or Canvas site used by this department is not an appropriate place to just post an opinion. It is a place for academic and informed sharing and debate, where students and staff alike can share their fact-based perspectives and, more important, learn from others. Students will check in for class meetings at class meeting times on Google Meets, every class meeting unless otherwise specified.  Tutoring periods will be used to go over content/provide additional support and as additional office hours. Students must check in to and make use of their TUTORIAL PERIODS EVERY DAY.


    We expect civil discourse and we will not tolerate any racist, stereotyping, discriminatory or inflammatory remarks.  Any behavior that is deemed unacceptable will be dealt with by staff.  If you see an issue in any thread or arena made accessible in this class, do not engage, but contact your teacher or a trusted staff member immediately. 

    After the first month, students will turn in a journal assignment (described on GC) every class period with every assignment.


    Students will make use of the content posted within the time-framed allowed, understanding that adequate time is given for each assignment. If students turn in late work (whether 2 seconds late or 2 weeks late), only half credit will be given for the assignment. This is in an effort to ask students to find a way to hold themselves to a schedule. If this is not possible, at times,  please write the teacher an email or set a meeting with her. 


    General Rubric for most assignments/activities: 


    • Students will be given full credit (10/10pts.) for an assignment if done thoroughly and mostly correctly.
    • Students will be able to suggest lessons and units. Every voice will be heard as part of including perspectives in an effort to promote equality for all. This class will be conducted democratically, meaning that the teacher is not always right and that the students will have a voice in what and how they are learning.
    • Students will be given 6/10 pts. if the assignment is incomplete in any way or inauthentic in any way (e.g., sloppily done).
    • As part of community building, students will post responses to other classmates when it is part of the instructions, or they will be given only half credit for the particular assignment, lesson, activity, assessment. etc. of which the responses were to have been a part.
    • Students will show up for daily check-ins as part of the required curriculum.
    • Students will learn how to use canvas for this class in preparation for mandatorily using canvas across the board in all their classes; however, we will start the year on Google Classroom. You will be invited by your teachers and a code will be posted on your individual teacher’s Teacher Website within Saddleback High School Website.
    • All will also be responsible for linking into GOOGLE HANGOUTS every class period through your GC site/teacher website.
    • For missing assignments, students will receive an “F.”
    • Again, for late assignments, only half credit.





    PE curriculum: https://sites.google.com/sausdlearns.net/sausdhsphysicaleducation/home

    AVID curriculum: https://www.avid.org/


    • The Link above makes explicit all students will learn in Course 1 (Grade 9) and Course 2 (Grades 10-12) per the district curriculum, the link to which can be found abve.
    • There will be mandatory daily classes at your class period times on Google Hangouts (invitations with passwords for connection will be sent to your gmail accounts as well as posted on the district teacher website).
    • In grade 9, students will follow the Course I curriculum per the Santa Ana Unified School District guidelines.
    • In grade 9 AVID 1, students will follow the Course Curriculum the link to which can be found above.
    • In grades 10-12, students will follow the Course 2 curriculum per the district guidelines.
    • There are a number of required activities, skills, techniques, individual and team sports to which students will be introduced/exposed/may master.
    • There will be options and elective courses of study in the fields of physical education, health and wellness, as well. (including but not limited to extra credit).
    • Extra Credit will be on a permission only basis (for each assignment) and can be located @mrscorrxtra on Instagram and/or on your teacher’s website.
    • Any necessary modifications to these rules may be arranged privately with your teacher.
Last Modified on August 14, 2020