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    World History  School year 2022-23 Periods 1, 3, English Collab 2nd, 5th

    Ms. Momberg Rm 214

     ext 69584



    6th Resource, 7th Prep


    Tenth-grade students will work on understanding the aspects of the World History Impact book:  through reading materials and studying the text and reviewing materials with videos on Nearpod, History Channel, and Kahoot! Writing short projects. 

    Students have some flexibility with assignment dates, but all work must be completed by the grading window unless other arrangements have been made with the teacher. 

    Students will be working regularly through multi-media and using Google Classroom and electronic media to read, write, and access most materials, so having their assigned Chromebook is a campus requirement. 

    Student classwork and homework will be posted and completed by electronic means. Late or incomplete work will be accepted only if the student makes arrangements before or after class to complete an assignment or if there is another valid reason. (IEP, illness, etc)

    Make up for absences. Students have a day for each excused day. Reminder:  it is the student's responsibility to ask for makeup work. The teacher's decision for any other type of absence: Chronic truancy, suspension, etc...  

    Classroom standards: See separate attachment 

    Tutoring is generally available before or after school M-Th except for Wed/Fri after school. For about 45 mins or by appointment. See the teacher’s office hours. Check your period on the school schedule.

     Campus daily schedule  see the Saddleback website

    Additional Tutorial session: offered by appointment in the morning or after school M, T, Th 3:30-5 pm. 

    Athletes or students who participate in extra circular activities must maintain a 2-point average to stay active in sports. Do not hesitate to check in with teachers and coaches for help. Ask for support and go to tutoring sessions.

    I have periods 6th and 7th as testing and prep periods. I schedule parent and IEP meetings for these periods. 

    Please feel free to contact me using my email Julie.Momberg@sausdlearns.net or parent square or call the office to leave me a message. 

    My weekly schedule: 

    Period 1 Sped World History

    Period 2 Collab 11th Grade English

    Period 3 Sped World History

    Period 4 Lunch

    Period 5 Collab 9th Grade English

    Period 6 Resource/testing period

    Period 7 Prep/Testing period







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