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    School-wide expectations: TRACK:

    Teamwork: We are Communicators. We are Balanced. 

     Responsibility: We are Principled. We are Reflective. 

    Achievement:  We are Risk-Takers. We are Thinkers. 

    Community: We are Caring. We are Open-Minded. 

    Knowledge: We are Knowledgeable. We are Inquirers. 

    Knowledge: follow the phone policy: Use for instruction when required, otherwise the phone is to be pocketed or put aside. (in a physical classroom in a designated location as specified by the teacher)

    Community: have materials needed for class; Chromebook, textbooks, notebooks, pens; including access to such digital materials; Impact Text book (MCGraw-Hill APP) Textbook online Impact. Jamboard, and Google Classroom as needed. 

    Responsibility: responsible for calendaring, assignments, and projects. 

    Responsibility: responsible for deadlines for grading assignments and projects and, as needed, ask for extensions when required.

     Community: Use school-appropriate language. (remember Google/Canvas lectures are recorded)

     Achievement:  adhere to honesty and integrity standards. Essays will be screened for plagiarism. 

    Students need to log in with a school ID or Sausdlearns.net account. When not possible, a parent will verify a student’s login ( especially if a student has logged in by telephone or alternative email)

    Teamwork: work together on all aspects of things, from classwork, sportsmanship, and to the following requirements in the school handbook. 


    Attendance policies will be adhered to, as school district policies will still be followed. Students who miss frequent classes will lose grades and parents will be contacted. Administration support and consequences will follow as needed. 


    My weekly schedule: 

    Period 1 Sped World History

    Period 2 Sped World History

    Period 3 Resource- Sped IEP meetings/Meet with the caseload

    Period 4 Lunch

    Period 5 Prep

    Period 6 Collab GE World History

    Period 7 Sped World History 

    Tutorial session: offered by appointment


    I have periods 3 and 5 for testing, meeting students, and prep periods. I schedule parent and IEP meetings for these periods. 

    Please feel free to contact me using my email Julie.Momberg@sausdlearns.net or parent square or call the office to leave me a message. 

    The district has changed the grading platform and I have adjusted my minimum F grade accordingly from 35% to 59% for an F grade.  Our goal is to have students perform to the best of their ability. Please encourage students to turn in their assignments even when they struggle. Assignments will receive some grade. 


Last Modified on January 26, 2023