Parent Volunteer in a Classroom
    Research shows that children whose parents pitch in at school have a better attitude and higher academic achievement. Teachers who have classroom support do their job better. And parents who participate in the classroom are better equipped to support their child's schoolwork. So even if your time is tight, squeezing in some school volunteer work can make all the difference in your family's school success.
    Discover great ideas on how to give your time — no matter how much you can spare.

    School Site Council


    The School Site Council plays an important role in decision-making at Santiago School. They make decisions and advise the principal on the school budget and the academic or school improvement plan, help in making decisions about parent engagement, safety, and discipline.

    English Learner Advisory Committee

    Parents of English Learners work together to provide input to the school site council in the areas of programs and services for English Learners and attendance.
    Santiago's PTA (Parent Teacher Association) 


    Santiago School has one of the oldest and best supported PTA in our school district.  Our PTA volunteers work very hard to give our children the best educational experiences.  If you are new to Santiago or haven’t been involved in the past, please join and support our PTA.  With our growing student population, we will need more support than ever.  PTA is a purely volunteer organization and every hour you can give us helps


Last Modified on January 13, 2020