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    Physical Education


    Welcome to Villa Fundamental Intermediate School.  As a Physical Education Department, we will provide a safe and positive environment that will foster learning for every student. Our program focuses on the growth, well-being, and development of each student.  Along with teaching sports, fitness, skills and lifetime activities, our goal is to assist each student in becoming a productive and responsible citizen.


    5 Keys to Success


    1.  Uniforms:   PE uniforms are available for purchase during PE class.

                            -PE Shirt: $10  PE Shorts:$10  PE Bag:$5  PE Lock:$5

    -Other items include: white athletic socks, lace-up athletic shoes, and personal hygiene items.

    -Navy blue, red, white or gray sweats may be worn ONLY during cold weather.


    2.  Lockers:     Each student will be assigned a small locker to store his/her personal belongings only during their P.E. period.  Students are not to share lockers or give out locker combinations.  Students use lockers at their own risk.   Santa Ana Unified School District and Villa Fundamental School are not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items regardless of the cause, including weather. 


    3. Medical:      A non-participation excuse up to 3 days will be accepted from a parent

        Excuse         or guardian; a doctor’s note will be required after the 4th day.  Students must bring a non-participation note to the nurse’s office before school.


    4.  Roll Call:   Students are to be seated on their assigned roll call numbers within 6 minutes of the tardy bell.  If students are tardy to their roll call number, it is imperative to check in with their teacher prior to sitting down.


    5.  Grades:      Grades are derived from: performance, attendance, uniform, effort, sportsmanship, leadership, social interaction, behavior and physical fitness tests.


    Thank you for your support and we look forward to having a wonderful

    2021-2022 school year!

    Physical Education Department

    Ms. McReynolds, Mr. Ferrara, Mr. Llopis, Mr. Stewart and Mrs. Zamudio

    I have read and committed to the following: 5 Keys to Success, Locker Room Rules and Class Rules.



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