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    Reuben Garcia

    Department: Science

    Email: reuben.garcia@sausd.us

    Phone: (714) 241-6410 ext: 68710


    Other online resources you may use: Google Classroom,Canvas, Padlet, JamBoard, Nearpod, Flipgrid, Remind, Kahn Academy, AP Classroom,Ted-Ed, Quizlet, EdPuzzle, and Kahoot

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     AP Biology 7-10 


     EL Biology 7-10 


     Conference Period 7-10 


     Honors Biology 7-10 


     Honors Biology 7-10


     Honors Biology  7-10

    Quick Facts

    Where am I from?

    Santa Ana, CA 

    Where did I go to school?

    Fremont Elementary School, Santa Ana CA


    Spurgeon Intermediate School, Santa Ana, CA


    Santa Ana High School

    H.S. Diploma


    Santa Ana College

    Associate Degree of Biological Sciences


    University California of Irvine

    Bachelor of Biological Sciences

    Minor in Chemistry


    California State University of Fullerton

    Science Teaching Credential


    Azusa Pacific University

    Master of Educational Technology 

    What do I teach?

    Honors Biology

     This course emphasizes five major topics: cells, ecology, genetics, evolution, and human physiology as covered in the Next Generation Standards.  Experimental procedures, ecology, cellular energy, and evolution are covered in the first semester.  Genetics, cells, human physiology, and HIV/STI instruction are taught in the second semester.  Diverse learning activities are used in the classroom in order to develop a variety of skills.  This course serves as a prerequisite for AP Biology.


    Human Anatomy & Physiology

    This course is a one year course that involves the structure and function of the human body, as it pertains to how the body systems relate to one another in organization, adaptation, and homeostasis. This course involves laboratory activities, projects, dissections, textbook materials, models, diagrams, journal writings, and clinical studies.  The material learned from this course can be applied to medical field careers, health and fitness careers, and biological research careers.


    AP Biology

    This course is a one year course that is based on eight units: 1) Chemistry of Life, 2) Cell Structure and Function, 3) Cellular Energetics, 4) Cell Communication and Cell Cycle, 5) Heredity, 6) Gene Expression and Regulation, 7) Natural Selection, and 8) Ecology.  It serves to prepare and make students eligible for university status in biological sciences.  This course involves many inquiry type experiments, activities, case studies, models, free response writing, data analysis, and personal progress checks.  The material learned can be applied to develop a career in the medical field and biological research.  The content and requirements of this course help prepare students to take a multiple-choice and free response exam in the spring.

    What else am I involved in?

     Science Co-Department Chairperson

    What are my interests outside of school?

    I love to work out on a weekly basis.


    I enjoy all types of movies, such as drama, action, comedies, and thrillers. 


    I enjoy all types of music, such as pop, oldies, R&B, and gospel.


    I love to play the piano.


    I am a Disneyana collector, especially memoriabilia associated with Disneyland attractions.