Grace in the Post-Covid Age

Posted by Monica Dalton on 8/16/2023

Spoiler alert: it's a myth. #sorrynotsorry

Welcome back to another sparsely updated iteration of Ms. Dalton's ongoing blog series about life, tech, and everything else in between. While I'm sure my initial declaration seems pessimistic, I promise you that pessimism in my line of work is detrimental to all. It isn't meant to be a Debbie Downer, but, instead, a sort of acceptance those of us in the "middle ages" (I mean me being in my 40s... not, like, pre-electricity or anything) need in order to move on post-pandemic.

Today's youth doesn't seem to have the same patience or persistence, while today's aging population is exploding, along with its attitude of 'back-in-my-day' and affection for 'the way things were.' Today I got SO incredibly angry with both sets of humans at work. When you think your efforts fall short ("DAMN! I freaking bent over bAcKwArDs tryna help her!"), don't find fault with anyone. Just understand that while you perceive the value in completing the task, that person might derive the value they need from just working with YOU. Kinda hard to do when your mental geyser has just COMPLETELY blown.

So take a deep breath, and tap into having the kind of grace you would want to be approached with.

Here's an interesting Slate article about WHY technology isn't always so user friendly as we age.


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