Why is Aeries going haywire/looking different/being problematic???

Posted by Monica Dalton on 1/5/2021

SIDE NOTE (thank you so much Mrs. Barfield!!): if you have not yet tailored your current Google Classrooms to reflect ONLY 2nd semester assignments, then linking your current GC to Aeries will set it to sync EVERYTHING, including 1st semester work. You may need to either create a completely different GC for each class and archive your old one, or delete all your assignments entirely. Again, please reach out if you have concerns about this!!!

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Hey everyone, Happy New Year!

So... you may have noticed your Aeries gradebooks either looking strange, being categorized incorrectly, or just otherwise not working normally.

Here is an excerpt from an email I sent another teacher earlier... because this seems to be a common issue.

So... I am going to just assume that you generally start your gradebook over from scratch for 2nd semester (meaning, your 1st sem grades don't get calculated into the next sem).
The problem is: for those of us with YEAR long classes (like you and me), nobody ever told anyone that our class rosters would be based upon SEMESTERS (it was a change that was made mid-fall semester). So, what you'll need to do is go into your Current Terms gradebooks (the ones from Fall) and change the Associated terms for each class:
Click Gradebooks
Click Past Term (if you don't see them right away)
Click Manage Gradebook
(If "Single Term" is selected, uncheck it)
Under Associated Term, uncheck Year and check Fall
Scroll down and under "Sections" make sure that the appropriate period and "F" for Fall is the only box checked
At the very bottom click Save
What this process will do is have all your Fall gradebooks show up under Past Terms. When you then create your Current Term gradebooks, make sure to check "Spring" under Associated Term and once again the appropriate period with "S" for Spring under Sections. Then each gradebook AND its associated students (which you will then be prompted to Add, as you'll see the red Add/Drop button show up on your Dashboard) will all be in Current Term. Changing our Fall gradebooks in this manner will NOT affect anything except what you see on your Dashboard.
Let me know if that works out for you!