No, Seriously, Though. SWITCH OVER TO ZOOM. NOW.

Posted by Monica Dalton on 9/15/2020

"My Grid View disappeared"

"Attendance doesn't work right anymore"

"Attendees and Breakout Rooms isn't doing anything right"


No worries-- it was everyone's concern this week. Without a District tech blog to help keep us apprised of such things, and without a reliable source of Google updates because THEY JUST DO THINGS LIKE THAT, just know that the numerous glitches and failures are


I said it before, but I haven't ever meant it as much as I do now.

I highly respect Google for their adaptability and flexibility in the face of tech-user friendliness (which is why they have open source code that allows developers and app creators to make extensions and author applications tailored to nerdy creativity as such, which is partially why I'm a lifelong Android user ---NEVER iPHONE--- haha), but, in this particular case, it causes more headaches than satisfaction.

In Google's desperate effort to match Zoom in terms of connectivity, encryption, security, and features, Meet has been rolling out built-in features slowly but surely trying to keep their own standards up while responding to the Zoom-comparative cries of so many users, especially now in the age of distance learning.

Meaning, when Google arbitrarily decides to update a product, it does so slowly, inconsistently (at first), and without warning; however, this gives extension/app developers very little reaction time in terms of anticipating what features, if any, will be compatible with the new versions.

In layman's terms: Grid View Fix stopped working because Meet rolled out dumb crap like "Security" (ooh, shiny new badge looking thing that only has ONE FREAKING FEATURE!), the ability to disable Chat, and the start of a promising idea called "meeting hosts." (UGH, /SARCASM)

When GVfix stopped working, so did all the other extensions somehow dependent on it (anything Attendance related, the awkwardly occasionally functional Reactions/Nod, their dozen dysfunctional Breakout Rooms methods, etc).

So, you may be asking yourself, what can I do to mitigate this? I mean, a little patience and understanding in the name of developing technology is perfectly acceptable, but... this? THIS? Is just outrageous and infuriating. What to do, you ask?

Re-read the title of the this blog post. Go back to my Google Doc Zoom bible. Bother me with a million questions about ZOOM. Until then... I'll be getting my salary's worth dealing with the constant hiccups that Google Meet will throw my --our-- way from here on out....