• Class Syllabi


    U.S History   Fall/Spring



     The District pacing guide serveS as the sylabus for each class

    U.S Government


    Welcome to U.S Government... A study oin the function,form, anD process of the United States System of Government
    Welcome to WORLD HISTORY...A YEAR long study into the parts, process and function OF THE EVENTS THAT CHANGED OUR MORDERN SOCIETY.


    FOr the time being much of the  work will be completed via chrome book.. and Google classroom.
    All students are to be prepared for class, on time, and ready to learn.
    All work is to be completed in class and at home.
    All work will be written on the board (or assigned through Google Classroom) as a daily assignment.
    (Copy it down!!)
    Any work not finished in class must be completed at home.
    All students are expected to utilize the internet and work with a computer.
    Respect yourself and each other.
    When I am talking (or when other students are talking) respect is to be shown..
    This means silence from the others!!!
    @ 20 % of all points earned will be  in class assignments Formative
    @ 30% of all points will be from tests and exams and quizze Summative
    @ 30 percent of all point will be from Reports and Projects and  Summative
    @ 20% of all points will be from homework Formative
    All Summative assessment will equal 60 percent of graded weight
    All Formative assesssment will equal 40 percent o graded weight
    Points will be earned from a combination of both FORMATIVE (progressive) SUMMATIVE (tested) assessments.
    All assignments will be placed on the board each day and left up for the week. (WRITE THEM DOWN)
    Assignments will follow a weekly section of new information.
    Dates and Days may vary. ALL INFORMATION IS PLACESD ON BOARD.
    Each Assignment will be copied down- It is you responsibility to know the assignment .
    You may email or ask me if unsure about the assignments and due dates.(Or if absent)

    There will be a quiz after each section.                                                          

    A test will be given after 3-4 sections.
    ANY project created on white paper--  must utilize pen. or created from Chrome book (computer).
     Some  class work will be turned in the form of a packet. Collected either weekly and Bi-weekly.
    Some workwill be comleted utilizing GoogleClassroom (And turned in accordingly)
    Missing work will greatly affect your overall grade.
    If you are absent for an assignment-it will be your responsibility to find what work needs to be completed.
    Late work will only be accepted if notified in advance, or for an acceptable reason... It is up to you to notify me..

    There is a digital version of your book (Electronic book)
    There is a class set of books.
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