• English 11 Syllabus

    SHS English Language Arts Department

    Teacher: Shelley Bomalick, MA Ed.

    Email Address: shelley.bomalick@sausdlearns.net

    Room: 212

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    Course Description:

    This course is intended to familiarize students with the literature of North America and to help them understand narrative structure as well as relate the course concepts to the history of the United States.  Formal essay writing as well as projects and cooperative work will be emphasized in each unit.


    During the course, students will explore the selected literature (poetry, short stories, speeches, documents, novels, and expository texts); they will view, examine, appreciate and analyze relevant literature written from a variety of perspectives. Instruction will also include the use of Studysync texts (consumable) as well as the online program.



    English 11 Studysync Units


    Unit I: We the People


    Unit II: The Individual


    Unit III: Modern Times


    Unit IV: Seeking Romance





             The Crucible by Arthur Miller


             The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald



    Course Expectations: Students are expected to maintain an excellent work ethic and to meet the challenge of higher level thinking. Students will be expected to work in different groups throughout the year. Students will be expected to analyze literature in depth. Projects for the units include group and individual and group digital projects, formal essays, extended response, research assignments, and more.  All assignments are expected to be completed/submitted on time and with maximum effort. Students are expected to act in a mature and professional manner regarding the literature we read and the discussions that will take place. Students will be expected to respond in writing to Essential Questions and concepts such as:  A) How do place and time shape the authors’ works and our understanding of them? B) How did the Puritans influence colonial thought and expression? C) What aspects of Puritanism are visible in contemporary society? D) What factor leads a person to maintain or lose clarity in a crisis?



    Grading: Students will be graded in the areas of classwork, assessment, participation and homework. The floor for grading is set at 40%. The minimum grade a student will receive is 40% even if the assignment is never attempted. In order to receive a passing grade and earn credits for the class, a student must earn a grade of at least 60%.





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