• Grade Report Comment Codes

    To call up codes within Pinnacle, click on appropriate Citizenship box, then press the space bar and click on your comment.

    1.     A pleasure to have in class

    2.     Outstanding effort

    3.     Goes beyond required work

    4.     Attentive; stays on task      

    5.     Assignments well-prepared

    6.     Completes all classroom assignments

    7.     Good effort

    8.     Satisfactory progress

    9.     Work shows improvement

    10.   Homework incomplete

    11.   Low test grades

    12.   Works below expectations

    13.   Does little or no work in class

    14.   Does not bring materials

    15.   Tardy/absence problem

    16.   Non-suit/uniform violation

    17.   Failure to make up work

    18.   In danger of failing

    19.   Conduct disrupts learning

    20.   No mark this period/not enrolled 20 days in school

    21.   Incomplete grade subject to review if missing work is completed

    22.   Student has overdue library materials

Last Modified on September 11, 2009