• English 9th Ethnic Studies  2022-2023


    Ms. Witte








    Course Overview

    This course is designed to introduce students to a broad range of nonfiction and fiction works written by writers of color in the United States. This course aims to educate students to be politically, socially, and economically conscious about their personal connections to local and global narratives and histories through the interdisciplinary lens of Ethnic Studies. 

    All assignments will push students to think critically, communicate ideas with sincerity, analyze and use text to support those ideas, and prepare students to be independent readers, writers, and thinkers in today's world.

     I am a firm believer in creating a positive learning environment and hope that together we can build that in our classroom. Keeping an open mind throughout this course is crucial to success and I always encourage students to share their thoughts and ideas in class openly.

    Course Materials

    These will be the materials we will use daily. All other supplies needed will be notified in advance.

    •          Chromebook and charger

    •          Agenda Planner

    •          Writing tools: pens, pencils, highlighters

    •          Loose leaf lined paper

    •          Library book

    •          A specific ELA tab in a binder or a separate ELA binder


    Students will earn points for the completion of assignments, tests, projects, participation, and classwork/homework.

    Grading Scale:

    1. 90-100%

    2. 80-89%

    3. 70-79%

    4. 60-69%

    1. 59% and below





    Grading Breakdown:

    -          Summative Assessment: 45%

    -          Guided Practice: 25%

    -          formative Assessment: 20%

    -          Independent Practice: 10%


    Classroom Policies

    To ensure that every student has the positive learning environment he or she deserves, this classroom has the following guidelines:

    1. Be respectful

    2. Be prepared: mentally and physically

    3. Ask questions

    4. Take pride in your work

    5. Follow directions promptly.

    6. Be a good listener

    7. Raise your hand

    8. Keep hands and feet to yourself

    Other in-class rules and expectations:

    -          Bring the needed materials to class every day

    -          Absences and make-ups are your responsibility

    -           No gum chewing or eating food in the classroom

    -          No cell phone use unless approved by my discretion


    Attendance is mandatory in this class. Students must attend class on time. Tardies are unacceptable. Daily attendance is vital for student success. Each student is unique and has something to contribute. When you are absent, your contribution will be missed, and you will miss the lesson and group work for the day.

    Academic Dishonesty/Plagiarism

    Academic dishonesty or plagiarism occurs when you take someone else’s work or ideas and submit them as your own. Plagiarism or any other form of cheating is unacceptable. There is no tolerance policy for academic dishonesty. If plagiarism or any other form of cheating occurs, you will receive an F on the assignment. If it takes place a second time, you will be referred to the principal’s office effective immediately.

    Assignments or tests that have been copied or plagiarized will be given an F grade and

    cannot be made up. This includes the work of students who allow others to copy their work. 


Last Modified on February 1, 2023