• Roadrunner Tech Tidbits: September2022 Edition

    Posted by Monica Dalton on 9/9/2022


    1) The Library does NOT supply Chromebook chargers. They will gladly exchange a charged, functioning CB for a student's personal school CB, but Saddleback is out of chargers due to loaned chargers that were not returned last year. We are looking into having at least ONE CB charger per classroom for student use, but in some cases that will not be sufficient to address the number of students who need to charge their CBs.

    Note: PLEASE remind students NOT to charge their phones from their CBs without being plugged into power. This is for their own protection as well. Leading me to my next point....


    2) Teacher iPads utilize Self Service to obtain apps. It is the advice of both the administration AND the union for teachers/staff to refrain from using personal Apple IDs when using District devices. I am in contact with the District regarding any external apps teachers might need to use their iPads, so please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

    Note: VCast Sender and Google Chrome have been added to Self Service for download/installation without an Apple ID!!!


    and, finally.... 3) If you are sending students to the Library for either printing or Chromebook purposes, please try to do so during the first 15-20 minutes of the class period!!! Our amaaaazing new Teacher Librarian, Ms. Kate Tran, has begun teaching classes that may occasionally infringe upon either 1st or 2nd lunch, requiring  the library to be closed to lunchtime visitors. Thank you all so much for remembering to give your students passes to enter the library!!! Whenever our LEA makes a final FINAL decision regarding grading policies, you will be the first ones to know!!!



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    Posted by Monica Dalton on 8/16/2022

    Textbooks that are physically handled, checked in/out, delivered, etc, fall under the purview of the Library. Ms. Tran and Ms. Alyssa would be happy to answer your questions and/or address your concerns about those!

    Online Textbooks, however, are a different story. Most publishing companies work with Master Schedules in order to determine which teachers/students need what level of access. Because curriculum purchases are a district level matter, please direct any questions or concerns regarding Online Textbooks to the appropriate district level curriculum specialist:

    ELA:  Jason Crabbe

    Math:  Jennifer Lopez or Laily Jefferson

    Science:  Lindsey Bogris

    Social Studies:  Linn Lee (or, for Ethnic Studies, Dr. Rosalind Turner)

    World Language (ELs):  Javier Diaz or Robbie Walshe

    CTE:  Don Isbell

    AVID:  Krista Dornbush

    Special Education:  Brandon Peterson

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  • SHS Teacher/Staff Pre-Start Checklist

    Posted by Monica Dalton on 8/11/2022


    Please make sure that the following tasks are completed prior to the first official day of the 2022-23 school year:

    ◊  Your Aeries gradebooks are set up correctly and linked to Google Classroom (new teachers: the database connecting Aeries to Google has not been updated as of today, so you will be trained to link your gradebooks with GC as soon as that happens!)

    ◊  You have updated your teacher homepage off the SHS website/Teacher Directory using the image and template provided in this week's training

    ◊  You are able to log into the District website (sausd.us Outlook) and Aeries (sausdlearns Gmail)

    ◊  Bookmark the following sites to create easily accessible shortcuts in your signed in Chrome profile: Aeries, Google Classroom, SHS homepage, District Staff Portal, Tutorial Attendance, Classroom Tech Support


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Last Modified on September 9, 2022