Biology CP & Science 8 IB Pathway Syllabus
    Saddleback High School 2023-2024
    Teacher: Mr. Perez                  Room: 401
    Email: randall.perez@sausdlearns.net    Phone: (714) 714-569-6300; Ext. 63469

     Dear Parent/Guardian,
    I’m looking forward to teaching you child. In order to guarantee your child and all of the students in my classroom the excellent learning environment they deserve, I am utilizing the following classroom management plan. I believe that all students can behave appropriately in my classroom. I will not allow any student to disrupt the plan for educational progress or prevent any student from learning.
     Class Descriptions:
    Biology is the science that studies living things. This laboratory-based course focuses on the process of scientific investigation through the study of living things.  Eight-grade physical science studies the physical properties, movement and explains these phenomena’s by understanding how they work.
    Students in this college prep course and International Baccalaureate (IB) program are expected to commit themselves to work hard and focus on the tasks at hand. Students must recognize the importance of dedication, self-discipline, and hard work, and show these traits in all course endeavors – both in class and at home.
    1.    Be on time and prepared to learn
    2.    Class begins when you enter the classroom, not when the bell rings
    3.    Be in your seat and ready to get started when the bell rings
    4.    Remain in your seat unless given other instruction
    5.    Follow directions at all times
    6.    Keep Cell Phone put away
    7.    Show respect for self and others at all times
    8.    NO profanity or any other inappropriate language
    9.    NO writing on desks, books, walls or anything else that isn’t yours
    10.    NO throwing trash on the floor, it belongs in the trash can
    11.    NO grooming during class
    12.    NO gathering at the door at the end of the period
    13.    NO class work, homework or any assignment with gang style writing, tagging or graffiti
    14.    NO food, drink or candy will be allowed in class (water is okay)
    15.    Turn in assignments on time. Some work may be graded lower or not accepted at all
    16.    Do your best to keep up with the work and maintain a positive attitude
    17.    Participate in class activities by asking questions, contributing to class discussions, and performing laboratory exercises.
    18.    Take detailed notes during lectures and the playing of videos.
    19.    Pay careful attention to the completion of all readings and homework assignments.
      Progressive Discipline Plan Behavior should never be an issue. We are all here to learn and we will all respect each other. Students who do not follow the rules will be subject to the following action(s)
     1st minor offense: Student conference/detention
     2nd minor offense: Parent phone call/conference
     3rd offense: Referral
     Assignments: Are based upon chapter length and complexity. Usually, the chapter tests are given a week and a half to two weeks apart. There will be a series of lectures, quizzes, reading assignments, homework assignments, lab experiments and semester as well as end of year exams. On few occasions, extra credit will be offered to students for a chance to improve their current grade.
     Academic Policies and Grading:
    The grading system is weighted, which means certain categories of work weigh more heavily towards your grade. 
    •           Test/Quizzes                                                 = 30%          
    •           Laboratory/Projects                                      = 30%                       
    •           Classwork/Homework                                   = 20%                               
    •            Final                                                             = 20% 

    For IB PS8: Summative= 40% Tests/Final

                        Formative=30% Quiz/Lab  

                        Guided= 20%Class/home                   

                        Independent= 10% Bellwork 

           * Participation points will allow students to increase their grade by up to 5%

    The grading scale is as follows:
                100 – 90%      A
                89 – 80%        B
                79 – 70%        C
                69 – 60%        D
                59 – 0%          F
     IMPORTANT NOTE: It is the responsibility of the student to make up work missed due to legitimate absences. Work will only be accepted with an excused and verified absence. Late work can only be accepted in the time frame of the excused absence, no exceptions. If the student needs further assistance, it is their responsibility to make arrangements with the teacher, either before or after school.
     Required Materials:
    Compositions and or notebooks are to be brought to school every day.
    Pencils, erasers, and pens. You may also want to invest in colored pencils or multicolored pens, though not required.
    Notebook paper or plain paper are needed for illustrations

    Retake policy:
    Quizzes are that are allowed to be retaken are at the discretionary designed to give students rapid feedback on their learning progress. Thus quizzes can be retaken only until it has been graded and returned, usually a one to two day timeframe at half the credit.
    Homework Policy:
    Success in class is directly impacted by a student’s dedication to completing all assigned work, of which homework is certainly an important component. Late work is accepted but will earn only 50% credit.
    Class Website:
    The class website will contain the class syllabus as well as class notes and homework so there is no excuse to not have work finished in the case of an absence. The website will be constantly updated as a major resource for students. This can be used in conjunction with Aries in order to keep track of assignments.
    Laboratory Work:
    Labs will sometimes be done in groups. However, each student will turn in his/her own lab report. A complete description of how to complete lab reports will be issued to you. In order to receive full credit for the lab, the student must be in the class for the lab and have performed the procedure. Make-up times for labs must be arranged with me.

    Grade monitoring:
    Your grade can be accessed at the Aries website. Students are encouraged and advised to keep their scored work with them and check frequently for their updated grade online. Do not throw away your work until credit for it has been checked online. Should a graded piece of homework be in question, credit can only be awarded when work is shown to me; otherwise the missing grade will remain.
      Please return this copy and return a signed copy.
     I acknowledge that I have read & reviewed the class syllabus with my parent/guardian.

    (Student, Sign and Print Name)                                    Date:                                                   
     I acknowledge that I have read & reviewed the class syllabus with my student.

    (Parent/ Guardian Sign and Print Name)                       Date:


Science 8 and Biology Syllabus