• Ms. Henry’s 8th Grade Science 


    All class content can be accessed through CANVAS:

    Science Enrichment Opportunities 

    Science News for Students 

    Phet Simulations



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    Students self-select an article that is interesting to them, and reflect on their learning. 

    Students self-select an online interactive simulation that interests them the most and reflect on their learning. 


    Students self-select a topic that interests them, and then reflect on their learning. 



  • This year we will be using the OpenSciEd Curriculum:   

    Grade 8 Units 

    8.1 Contact Forces
    8.2 Sound Waves 
    8.3 Forces at a Distance 
    8.4 Earth in Space
    8.5 Genetics 
    8.6 Natural Selection and Common Ancestry

    Students will develop their ability to solve problems, ask and answer questions, and argue from evidence.

    The OpenSciEd Middle School science program follows the OpenSciEd Scope and Sequence and addresses all of the middle school NGSS standards.