• Ms. Henry’s 8th Grade Science 


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    Science Enrichment Opportunities 

    Science News for Students 

    Phet Simulations



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    Students self-select an article that is interesting to them, and reflect on their learning. 

    Students self-select an online interactive simulation that interests them the most and reflect on their learning. 


    Students self-select a topic that interests them, and then reflect on their learning. 



  • This year we will be using the TWIG Science Curriculum:   

    Grade 8 Units 

    Volume 9
    Students investigate forces as they research and develop devices that generate electricity from ocean waves. They then explore objects in the Solar System, considering patterns in their movement and the role of gravity as they determine if any objects pose a threat to the Earth. Students will develop their ability to solve problems, ask and answer questions, and argue from evidence.

    Volume 10
    Students investigate forces as they develop and test helmets to help protect athletes during collisions. They then work as science advisers for a movie production company, using their knowledge of forces to make objects hover, replicate gravity on other planets, and help stuntpeople fall safely.

    Volume 11
    Students journey through life's past, present and future to explore how and why living things don't look the same now as in the past and may be different in the future.

    Volume 12
    Students consider how humans impact the environment, and develop engineering solutions to mitigate negative effects. They explore the different technologies used in the oceans and in the air for monitoring wildlife and the environments they live in.