• Teacher will... 

    • be available 9:00AM-3:00PM for school emails and texts using ClassDojo  M-Fresponse time will vary, but no more than 24 hours will pass before you hear from me
    • check attendence/participation daily M-F
    • reply to students discussions daily M-F
    • test weekly on spelling, comprehension, and math
    • be ready, responsible, and respectful

    Student will...

    • study spelling, reading, writing, and math weekly 
    • do their own work
    • participate in discussions and quizzes 
    • finish assignments by due date, no make ups
    • be ready, responsible, and respectful

    Parent will...

    • provide a place and time for their child to study without distractions 
    • show them how to log in and navigate Canvas and Benchmark Advantage
    • communicate with the teacher or school for clarification or support
    • remind their child that they are not on vacation, we are studying from home
    • be ready, responsible, and respectful

    School will...

    • support the student,parent, and teacher 
    • communicate with parents school and district updates
    • provide technology to student, if needed
    • be ready, responsible, and respectful