The Greenville Fundamental School will operate fully within the framework of the following Code of Student





    1.  Students will demonstrate common courtesy and safety in their conduct to and from school.


    2.  Students should arrive on the school grounds no earlier than 7:30 AM and will enter the school at the designated entrance.


    3.  Students are allowed within the building prior to 8:05 AM only with written permission from their teacher. Entrance must be through the office.

    4. Bicycle Safety:

       a.   Only students in grades 3-5 may ride bicycles to school and must wear a helmet as required by law.


       b.   Students will walk their bicycles on the sidewalk and on the school grounds.


       c.   Bicycles must be securely locked in the bicycle racks.


       d.   Riding double is against the law.


       e.    When riding to and from school, students are expected to obey traffic regulations.

    5. The “freeze bell” will ring at 8:05 a.m. Following the signal from the supervisor on duty, students will proceed to their designated area. Students are to be in their classrooms and prepared to begin instruction at 8:10 AM.   (Grades 1-5)


    6. Skates and skateboards are not allowed on school grounds at any time.


    7. Any students leaving the school during regular school hours must enter and exit through the office. A parent or guardian must sign a

    release slip which is available at the front office. The teacher will be notified via the phone and student will report to the office.


    8. At dismissal times, students will wait in designated area, next to the yellow painted curbs. Parents are asked to meet their car-pool students in these areas and to load their passengers next to the curb. 

    9. Students must be accompanied by an adult when walking into the parking lot and will cross within the marked crosswalks.


    10. Carpool students will be picked up no later than 2:55 PM. 




    1. Students will be punctual and in attendance at all classes unless previously excused or ill.


    2. A written note from the parents explaining the absence will be required upon return to school.


    3. Parents are requested to call the school office in the morning on the day a student will not be in school. If parents call in, a written note is not required. Please use the absence line to record an absence:

        558-3410---24 hours a day, seven days a week.



    Because the Fundamental School is a community of students gathered for the purpose of formal learning, wherein each respects himself, others, and the institution:


     1. Each student will respect school property, including textbooks, instructional materials, desk, classrooms, interior of school, exterior of school, all athletic equipment, etc.

    2. Students will move throughout the buildings with respect for the learning needs of others. Students are always to walk  in the hallways.
    3. Students may not loiter or play in the hallways or bathrooms.
    4. Students will be in their learning area during class time except as authorized by a teacher.
    5. Students will remain in their learning area until the dismissal bell rings and they are dismissed by the teacher. 
    6. Students will refrain from inappropriate displays of affection.


    7. No gum is to be brought to school or chewed at school.


    8. No food such as candy, cookies, sunflower seeds, etc. is to be eaten at school except at the lunch tables during lunch time or kindergarten snack time.





    1. Students who attend the Fundamental School will reflect the attitudes of courtesy, respect, and general good manners taught at home and at school.

           a.  Students will be courteous and polite at all times.

             1) Students are expected to greet any adult in

                    the school teacher, secretary, custodian,

                    parent, visitor, etc.) and be helpful and


                2)  Students are also expected to use the

                     phrases of the accepted social courtesies

                     such as “please”, “thank you”,

                     "Good Morning”, and “Good Afternoon”.

                3) Students are expected to address personnel

                     as Mr.,Ms., Mrs., not by first names.


              b. Students will be honest and truthful.


     2. Students will show respect for our country and its symbols through participation in appropriate patriotic activities.


    3. Students will support their teachers, classmates, and school.


    4. Students will be responsible for delivering to their parents(s) notes from teachers, assignments to be signed, Discipline Referrals, and Parent Bulletins.



    1. Students enter the classroom in a quiet and orderly manner.
    2. Students will be ready to begin class when the tardy bell rings and have book, pencil, and other necessary materials at all times.


    3. Students will work quietly and maintain a neat and orderly classroom.


    4. Students will be attentive to the instructor and will respond promptly to a request or to instruction by a teacher.


    5. Each student has the right to learn without interference from others.


           a. Students will obtain the teacher’s permission

               before speaking or talking.


           b. Students will sharpen their pencils only when it

               will not ddisturb their classmates.


            c. Students will refrain from moving chairs or

               desks without permission.


    6. Students will stand whenever an oral report is being given.


    7. Students will maintain an acceptable posture at all times.


    8. Students will be expected to care for their texts, furniture and equipment. Textbooks used for homework assignments are to be covered.


    9. Students will refrain from using a comb or brush during class. Personal grooming items must be kept in the student’s desk, purse, or pocket.


    10. Students will refrain from chewing gum or eating in class.


    11. Students are expected to use the bathroom facilities only during recess or lunch playtime except in extraordinary circumstances.





    1. No pushing, hitting, wrestling, fighting, or Kung-Fu type activities are allowed. Students are expected to participate in approved, organized games and activities.


    2. Jump ropes should be used for jumping and should never be tied together to playground equipment, or to any student.


    3. Students are never to throw objects such as rocks, sand, etc.  in any manner.


    4. Students are not to climb trees or fences.


    5. No personal play equipment is to be brought to school. This includes toys, marbles, knives, dolls, bats, balls, etc. Baseball mitts for students in Grades 4-5 will be allowed in season with teacher approval.


    6. Balls are never to be bounced against buildings.


    7. If a ball goes off the school grounds, it should be reported to the supervisor in charge.  The supervisor will assist in retrieving the ball. No student is permitted to go into the street for a ball.


    8. Students are to stay out of water puddles in wet weather.


    9. Students are always to walk and never run on the blacktop.


    10. After the “freeze bell”, students are to line up in their assigned areas in a quiet and orderly manner, upon the signal from the teacher or supervisor on duty.


    11. Students are to stay on the playground side of the red line near the building.


    12. Students are to be respectful to the adults supervising them, either teachers, supervisors or other staff members.                      






    1. Students outside the direct supervision of a teacher will be expected to maintain the standards of GreenvilleFundamentalSchool .


    2. Students are not allowed in the office unless granted permission by the supervisor or teacher.





    1. Chewing gum on the playground or in the classroom


    2. Throwing or shooting of objects

    3. Bringing to school a radio, tape recorder, or any other item specifically prohibited


    4. Using profane language and/or obscene gestures


    5. Fighting or threatening to cause physical injury


    6. Disrupting school activities or willfully defying any member of the school staff (insubordination)


    7. Intimidation, extortion, and/or harassment of any person


    8. Causing or attempting to steal, cause damage to school or private property


    9. Possession of or setting off of caps, firecrackers, cherry bombs, or any explosive device


    10.     Possession of lethal weapons, including knives, including look alike weapons such as toy guns, rubber/plastic knives, etc.


    11.           Possession or use of drug paraphernalia, controlled substances, tobacco or alcoholic beverages



    12.           Disrespect of school personnel, such as mocking and talking back in an insolent manner.        




        Violation of the rules of the school may be handled by one or more of the following disciplinary actions:


    1. Conference and/or reprimand


    2. Confiscation of materials not permitted on the campus, which are returned to parents after a designated amount of time


    3. Withholding of special privileges (Example:  attendance at an assembly)


    4. Teacher detention


    5. School detention


    6. Assignment of appropriate tasks


    7. Temporary removal from the classroom by the teacher


    8.  Removal from school for the remainder of the day


    9.  In-school suspension by the administrator


    10. Formal suspension by the teacher or administrator


    11. Transfer to the neighborhood school for reasons including, but not limited to:

              a. Repeated disregard of the school rules and   


              b. Excessive attendance problems and tardies

              c. Excessive late pick-ups and/or early arrival

              d. Excessive late, missing or incomplete homework or

              daily assignments



    Students are expected to reflect the Greenville Fundamental School Code of Conduct at all times in the lunch area and on the playground. Students are expected to use self-discipline and to show respect and courtesy to one another.

Last Modified on June 13, 2023