• Below are resources for students and parents to support the success and achievement of our Mustang Scholars.

    Please contact your student's counselor if you need additional support.


    Download our checklist "Parent Tips for Student Success" and get started supporting your student with simple daily habits!

  • Academic Development

    "How do I get support?"

    Here are suggested resources for Mendez students

    Tutoring in the morning (7:15 am – 7:55 am) or after school (2:30 pm – 3:30 pm)

    I will seek out tutoring when….

    • I need help on one or two problems that I didn’t complete for homework last night
    • I need help with my homework after school or just a quiet place to study

    Tutoring with my teacher

    I will ask my teacher about tutoring when….

    • I don’t understand some of the material in class
    • I did poorly on my last quiz or test


    I will see the nurse when….

    • I have an injury
    • I feel extremely sick and have a fever
    • I have a health issue

    Study Buddy

    I will call my study buddy when….

    • I forget to write my homework down in my agenda
    • I struggle with my homework at night 

    Computer Lab

    I will use the computer lab when….

    • My printer runs out of ink
    • My computer at home is broken


    I will talk to my teacher when….

    • I am absent and I need to make up work
    • I am struggling in my class
    • Issues arise in the classroom


    I will talk to my counselor when….

    • I have any type of personal issue
    • I want to discuss ways to improve my grades
    • I want to learn more about colleges and careers


    I will talk to the administrators when….

    • I need to report a fight or I am being physically bullied by another student
    • I see something suspicious on campus


    I will talk to my parents when….

    • I am struggling in school
    • I have parent notifications for them to sign
  • Career Development

    Improving college and career readiness and transition improves postsecondary success.

    The California College Guidance Initiative (CCGI) works to ensure that all 6th-12th grade students in California have access to a systematic baseline of guidance and support as they plan, prepare, and pay for postsecondary education and training. Help your student explore their post-secontary education options and postential career paths as early as middle school! (adapted from the Foundation of Community Colleges Initiative)

    Support your student's future by starting now.

    California Career Center tools can assist you in effectively supporting your student/s career and college planning.

    Quick Start or the California Career Center User's Guide can help you quickly learn about the broad range of content available on this site. Work with your student set up a “My Stuff” portfolio account so you can learn about the site and your student can start planning!

    Explore Career opportunities and future interests with your student.

    The California CareerZone is a secure career exploration and coaching platform which can be accessed from anywhere to continuously connect learning with earning. The mission of the site is to help people explore, plan for, and pursue careers that reflect their passion, skills, and life goals.

    The California CareerZone Workbook and the California CareerZone Make Money Choices Workbook provide ideas and step-by-step actions you can take to support your student’s career and college planning.