Class Syllabi - grading policy/weighting

  •       General Grading/Weighting Policy 

       District mandated 50% Floor is NOT in effect any longer -  the new floor in my class is a 25% minimum.   Work not turned in will recieve 25%.  

          Class Grading percentages: 

               50%  Summative work (Unit Tests, Essays, Large Projects, formal presentations etc...)

               20%  Formative work (Quizzes, practice writing etc...) 

               15%  Guided/classwork (Discussions, lecture note-taking, group assignments etc...)

             15%  Independent (Textbook reading + Questions, Weekly vocab etc...) 

      Late work:  

             District Policy allows a student with excused absences to submit make-up work for full credit within a number of days equivalent to the amount of excused absences.  (Ex: A student missing two days will have an additional two class days to submit make-up work for full credit.)

           My personal class policy on missing work is that a student may submit missing/late work within a full 7 days from the original due date for up to 75% credit - provided the work is complete. (Ex: work due on a Wednesday can be submitted up to the following Wednesday)  Incomplete work will receive less credit accordingly, and work submitted beyond a week will recieve a maximum of 60%.   Work submitted for a 6 week progress report or semester grading period MUST be turned in before the completion of said semester or grading period - even if this means a student does not have the full 7 days they would otherwise normally receive.

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