Class Syllabi - grading policy/weighting

  •       General Grading/Weighting Policy 

       District mandated 50% Floor is NOT in effect any longer -  There is NO minimum floor in my class. Work not turned in will receive a 0%

          Class Grading categories:  Each of my classes uses the same four categories, the percentage weight in the gradebook differs between classes (check the syllabus)

                Summative work (Unit Tests, Essays, Large Projects, formal presentations etc...)

                 Formative work (Quizzes, practice writing etc...) 

                 Guided/classwork (Discussions, lecture note-taking, group assignments etc...)

             Independent (Textbook reading + Questions, Weekly vocab etc...) 

      Late work:  

             District Policy allows a student with excused absences to submit make-up work for full credit within a number of days equivalent to the amount of excused absences.  (Ex: A student missing two days will have an additional two class days to submit make-up work for full credit.)

           My personal class policy on missing work is that a student may submit missing/late work within a full 7 days from the original due date for up to 75% credit - provided the work is complete. (Ex: work due on a Wednesday can be submitted up to the following Wednesday)  Incomplete work will receive less credit accordingly, and work submitted beyond a week will recieve a maximum of 60%.   Work submitted for a 6 week progress report or semester grading period MUST be turned in before the completion of said semester or grading period - even if this means a student does not have the full 7 days they would otherwise normally receive.


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