• IB Math SL Syllabus 2018-2019

    IB Mathematics SL Syllabus

    Mrs. Wright



    Course Overview

    IB Math SL is a 2-year course that is part of the IB Diploma Program. During Year 1 we will be covering 4 math topics: Algebra, Functions and Equations, Circular Functions and Trigonometry, and Calculus. During Year 2 we will cover Statistics and Probability, Vectors, and Calculus. During Year 2 you will also be writing a paper of 6-12 pages on an exploration of a math topic of your choice.


    If you are part of the Diploma Program, at the end of Year 2 you will also sit for two end-of-course exams (External Assessments). The grade for IB (not your transcript grade) will be calculated with the following weights: Internal Assessment (20%), External Assessment Part 1 (40%), and External Assessment Part 2 (40%).


    Course Objectives

    By the end of the school year you will be able to demonstrate a good understanding of the principles, processes, and vocabulary related to the following areas:

    1. Math fundamentals. 6. Triangle trigonometry.
    2. Functions and equations. 7. Statistics.
    3. Sequences and series. 8. Probability.
    4. Exponential and logarithmic functions. 9. Probability Distributions.
    5. Trigonometric functions and equations.



    In additions you will be able to demonstrate your ability to:

    1. Read, interpret, and solve problems using appropriate mathematical terms.
    2. Organize and represent information in tabular, graphical, and diagrammatic forms.
    3. Know and use appropriate notations and terminology.
    4. Formulate a mathematical argument and communicate it clearly.
    5. Select and use appropriate mathematical strategies and techniques.
    6. Demonstrate an understanding of both the significance and the reasonableness of results.
    7. Recognize patterns and structures in a variety of situations and make generalizations.
    8. Recognize and demonstrate an understanding of the practical applications of mathematics.
    9. Use appropriate technological devices as mathematical tools.
    10. Demonstrate an understanding and the appropriate use of mathematical modeling.




    Paper: I recommend that you have a 3-ring binder with loose leaf paper for this class. Inside that binder there should be a separate section for notes and homework. This will help keep you organized and

    help to make things easy when turning in your week’s assignments.


    Texas Instruments TI-Nspire or TI-84+ or TI-83+



    Classroom Rules and Expectations

    1. Follow the classroom rules and expectations (see attached lists).
    2. Be on time to class:

    To be on time for class you must be in your seat, with your materials, ready to go when the bell rings.

    With your materials means you must have 5 things out and ready to go:

    1. Book 4. Pencil
    2. Homework 5. Calculator
    3. Paper
    4. If absent, it is your responsibility to find out what you missed.


    IB Learner Profile

    The aim of all IB programs is to develop internationally minded people who strive to be:

    1. Inquirers                                              6. Open-minded
    2. Knowledgeable                                     7. Caring
    3. Thinkers                                              8. Risk-Takers
    4. Communicators                                    9. Balanced
    5. Principled                                            10. Reflective

    Because of this, I will not be up in front of class telling you how to do things as much as I will be guiding you to learn how to understand the concepts on your own or with your classmates. This math course will require much more reading than your previous math courses. Please do not skim over the material. The changes in vocabulary and notation from your previous courses to this course are great and will be vital to your success in this class.



    Grades will be determined by a weighted average of the work you do during the semester.

    1. Guided Practice/classwork (10% of your overall grade)
    2. Independent Practice/hw (10% of your overall grade)
    3. Formative assessments/quizzes (20% of your overall grade)
    4. Summative assessments/tests (40% of your overall grade)
    5. Final Exam (20% of your overall grade)



    Grades will be given as follows:                                            

    A             90 – 100%

    B             80 – 89.9%

    C             70 – 79.9%

    D             60 – 69.9%

    F              ≤59.9%


    But, Please be aware of what IB considers as their grade scale.  


    A             93 – 100%

    B             85 – 92.9%

    C             75 – 84.9%

    D             64 – 74.9%

    F              ≤63.9%



    Homework will be stamped each day and stamp sheets collected at the end of the week. Please be organized. Keep your homework in a 3-ring binder or in a spiral notebook. The expectation is that each homework assignment will start at the top of a new page and will be labeled appropriately so that you or I can easily identify which assignment we are looking at.


    Quizzes and Tests

    Quizzes and tests will cover the material from class and from homework. If you miss a test or a quiz due to an excused absence you must schedule a time with me complete the task, typically at lunch or after school. It is your responsibility to talk to me about this. Each Semester Final is comprehensive, covering material that has been covered up to that point in the year.


    Academic Honesty

    You have decided to take a very demanding course of study. The pressure to do well is present. Please do not allow this pressure to force you into behaviors of academic dishonesty. We hope that students who chose to take IB courses fulfill all of the characteristics of the learner profile listed in the intro to this syllabus. One of these characteristics is being principled. The governance of this class with regards to academic honesty will follow the academic contract you signed when you registered to

    be a student at Saddleback High School. The following are the consequences should you decide to take part in dishonest behaviors:


    1st Occurrence: Should you break the expectations we have of you regarding Intellectual Property, Authenticity, Collaboration, or Malpractice, you will receive a zero on the assignment or assessment you are working on, we will conference with your parents, and you will be referred to the Assistant Principal.


    2nd Occurrence: You will be removed from IB Math SL with a grade of an F.


    Please feel free to email me at any time


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