Disney Musicals in Schools

Aladdin 2018
  • Imagine your student singing, acting, and dancing onstage, or working behind the scenes to make the magic happen. Disney Musicals in Schools presents a special opportunity for public elementary schools to bring the magic of student performance to their communities. But the benefits of musical theater will last long after opening night. From 21st Century skills like creativity and collaboration, to social skills like confidence and empathy, to academic skills like reading, speaking, and listening, musical theater engages students in dynamic ways. Why not add a little magic to our classrooms? 

    The goals of Disney Musicals in Schools are to:

    • Create sustainable musical theater programs in public elementary schools.
    • Provide school faculty with the training and tools necessary to support student performance and production, and to empower them to do so.
    • Develop a critical awareness and appreciation of the arts within schools.
    • Develop a strong community including cultural organizations, students, parents, faculty, staff, and neighbors.
    • Expose students and school teachers to the wide spectrum of skills that are developed when producing a piece of musical theater, including: critical thinking, problem solving, ensemble building, communication, self-confidence, and interpersonal skills.