• Welcome to the CTE Purchase Order Process Support Page!

    Jeremiah Johnson is the CTE Department Specialist responsible for creating Purchase Orders for CTE staff members.

    Please submit Purchase Order requests using this form:

    Purchase Requisition Online form

    Want to know what happens with your request after you submit it?

    Check out Jeremiah's amazing graphic describing the process!

    1. Enter Purchase Order on this webpage
    2. Jeremiah inputs requested items onto SAUSD ordering platform
    3. Don Isbell approves order and sends to SAUSD Buyer
    4. SAUSD Buyer receives & processes the order
    5. Items are sent to the SAUSD Warehouse and are prepped for delivery
    6. SAUSD Warehouse delivers items to CTE for inventory and processing
    7. Sal receives and inventories all items delivered and preps them for deliver to sites
    8. Sal delivers all items that have been ordered to the corresponding sites


Last Modified on September 6, 2023