•  Villa's 8th Grade AVID Standouts  

    Every year, Orange County AVID Intermediate schools are asked to select one 8th grade student that epitomizes AVID. These students must then complete a rigorous application process that includes an essay, a teacher recommendation, and community service hours.

    AVID 8th Grade Standouts are celebrated at a ceremony hosted by Angel's baseball at the stadium and are in the running for a $10,000 college scholarship.


    2023-24 Standout: Daniela Cuevas



    2022-23 Standout: Ilene Grajeda

    Ilene  ilene

    "Don't underestimate your potential, because some people haven't even seen a fraction of it yet. Be yourself and know that with all the 'blood, sweat, and tears' comes an accomplishment that younger you wouldn't have thought of. Sure, every day can feel like a normal day for anyone, but when you look back you'll realize how far you've come. It sounds cringe but it's a real trip. Don't give up because when the storm is over, the sun will shine!" 



    2021-22 Standout: Hailey Godinez

    hailey  2022

    "My advice is to focus on what you want to do/be and find ways to achieve your dream or your future."



    2020-21 Standout: Mariana Arellano Contreras


    "Some advice I have for my peers is that no matter what obstacles you face, it's not about being the best, it's about being better than you were yesterday.And to always remember that sometimes you must hurt in order to know,fall in order to grow, and loose in order to gain.So don't be afraid to change your destiny and have the courage to change it into a new one it's never to late."


    2019-20 Standout: Andy Pena Perez




    2018-19 Standout: Leslie Barrios




    2017-18 Standout: Angie Lopez




    2013-14 Standout: Estefany Rodriguez

    In addition to being Villa's 8th Grade Standout, Estefany was awarded the $10,000 Angels Scholarship!



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