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    Physical Education Syllabus


    COURSE OBJECTIVES: Includes physical fitness training, individual and team sports, games, aquatic exercises, dance and nutritional topics. Activities promote skill development, sportsmanship, good health, body mechanics and the value of physical exercise.



    Alexandra Bravo, Dept. Chair             714.569.6386

    Rod Pesak, PE                                   714.569.9552

    Julio Villasenor, PE                             714.569.9552

    Jannike Avila, Dance                          714.569.9528

    Athletic Equipment Mgr.                      714.569.6385


    SHS PHYSICAL EDUCATION UNIFORM:                        Shirt:  $10.00      Shorts: $10.00       

    Your instructor will do all marking in black permanent pen. Students are not allowed to make any markings on their uniforms. This will result in the purchase of a new uniform. Uniforms are available all year long at the ASB window.


    PROPER ATTIRE: Our goal is to have a neat, uniform appearance as a safety measure.

    Shorts: Are to be worn at proper waist height. No sagging or rolling shorts.

    Shoes: Wear safe athletic shoes. No boots, heels, sandals or platform tennis shoes.

    Socks: Should be worn.

    Sweats/Sweatshirt: FOR COLD WEATHER USE and are ONLY IN THESE SOLID COLORS: green, gold/yellow or gray.



    Students will be issued a locker during the first few school days. They are expected to record the combination in their agenda, memorize them and give the combination (or extra key for key locks) to their PE teacher. Cash or other items of value, such as phones, should be locked in their PE locker during class. Students will be held accountable for their valuable missing items if not locked in their locker. The teacher, school or school district is not responsible for lost or stolen items in the locker room. AEROSOL/SPRAY DEODORANTS ARE NOT ALLOWED!



    The following behaviors are NOT allowed in the locker room: food, drink, and running, horseplay, loitering after dressing, throwing items, profanity, and loud noise.  No standing on benches in the locker rooms.



    Loaners are required and provided to students who have forgotten their P.E. clothes. A SHS I.D. or personal item is required to borrow loaners. Students will only allowed to use loaners three times a quarter without penalty. After that they will be marked down as a Non-Suit, but will still be required to dress.



    Damage of equipment: call home immediately, possible financial reimbursement and/or exclusion from further participation in that activity.



    A student’s Physical Education grade is based on the ability to meet individual responsibilities: proper uniform, daily effort/participation, attitude towards activities, peers and instructors, knowledge, skill level assessments, physical fitness test, and final exams.




    Physical Education Grading Scale                 Citizenship (attitude and behavior in class)

                            100-90 = A                                                      O = Outstanding

                              89-80 = B                                                      S = Satisfactory

                              79-70 = C                                                      N = Needs Improvement     

                              69-60 = D                                                      U = Unsatisfactory

                              59– 0 = F



    Each student is required to dress in an SHS Physical Education uniform/or the appropriate colors (green/gold/gray) and participate in the scheduled activity, except when severely ill or injured. The SHS Physical Education program is based on participation on a daily basis. A written assignment must be completed to earn points if student is absent. Mile/pacer points may not be earned with a written assignment.


    WRITTEN ASSIGNMENTS:  To make up for an absence, students will write a one-page paper. The first paragraph will summarize a current article from a newspaper about a sporting event. The second paragraph will state what the student learned from the article, what his opinion is about the event, and what his feelings are about the event having experienced it from the written article. 



    If a student is not able to participate in class due to an illness or injury, a note from home is required. The student will be required to dress for class, with their participation level modified. Notes from home are only good for a maximum of 3 days. If the condition lasts more than 3 days, a doctor’s note is required. All points and fitness activities missed may be made up within a week from clearance. Excused, prolonged non-participation may result in an alternative and relevant assignment.


    MILE RUN:  

    All classes run the mile one day a week. All students must complete all of the recorded runs per quarter. Time standards are set according to the California fitness standards. The student will be evaluated based on his/her starting fitness/ability and improvement therein.         

                            A points if the standard is met

                            B points if best effort but the standard is missed

                            C points if the student misses the standard due to walking

                            D point for little or no effort

                            F points for no attempt  


    Important note: No technology of any kind will be permitted to leave students’ lockers (including headphones). If a student persists in breaking this rule after one warning, there will be consequences in accordance with his/her actions.




    Extra credit is available for participating in any of our local 5K’s/10K’s.  Please bring us your running number and finish time the next school day. Points earned are at the discretion of the teacher.


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