• Renaissance Accelerated Reader and STAR Reading


    What is Accelerated Reader?

    AR is a reading program for first through eighth grade students that . . .

    Manages student reading  

    Monitors student’s comprehension

    Motivates students to read

    Increases the volume, quality, and enjoyment of reading

    Why do we need Accelerated Reader®?

    • Alarming statistics point out that elementary school students are spending less and less time reading independently
    • The Accelerated Reader®program challenges all readers – from the novice to the most advanced bookworms - to read more quality literature at their own level

    How does AR work?

    • The student takes an assessment test to determine their reading level
    • This “STAR” test is generally given once a quarter and is designed to identify a student’s range of independent reading.
    • The student is given an independent reading level rating (ZPD) based on their STAR test results.
    • Student reads a book in their reading level chosen from a list of over 110,000 books with AR quizzes available.
    • The target is to find material that is not too easy or too frustrating
    • Students have access to over 110,000 quizzes
    • After reading the book, the student takes a quiz on the book using a classroom computer
    • Each quiz is 5 - 20 multiple choice questions
    • Student goal is to score 80% or higher on each quiz

      How can parents help?

      • Encourage your child to read
      • Make time at home for reading
      • Shut down distractions
      • Ask your child about his or her book
      • Donate a needed book to our library or your child’s classroom.


      Helping students help themselves to become better readers