Student Expectations
    All assignments and grades will be in Canvas.  Students are expected to log into the SteamMaker elective Google Meet during our p6 timeframe.  The Google Meet link is in the student Calendar in Canvas.
    Updates for 2019-20:
    Panoramic Pictures - All orders will be refunded once campuses open within the District
    Memory Books - Will be distributed in the summer or fall...we are waiting for a final decision from the District on the best timeframe that is safe for all our students and parents.  Mailing is not an option due to the enormous cost factor.
    Welcome to SteamMaker 2020-21
    Creators of the Memory Book
    Now $12....don't miss out on this historic school year!
    Don't miss out on a Hardback with 80 color pages!  Pay in the office with cash or online with debit or credit card by clicking the below link.
    Instructions to order online
    2) Click in the upper left corner to Buy Your Students Yearbook
    3) Click on the Yearbook icon 
    SteamMaker Adviser 2020-21
    Mrs. Streckfus  room 215
    Google Voice Google Voice Cell/Text 949-436-8876