At Santiago, we encourage students to wear uniforms. Santiago's uniform colors are khacki/blue pants, shorts, skirts, or skorts. Shirts should be “polo style” and can be any color. If a student does not wear uniforms, they are expected to follow the SAUSD dress code. SAUSD dress code includes:

    • Clothing must be free from tears, rips, holes, etc.  This includes pants and shorts that were purchased with rips in them.

    • Pants/shorts must fit at the waist. Oversized clothing is not allowed.

    • Hats, bandanas, hoodies, and beanies are not allowed. The only exception is that a hoodie can be worn during inclement weather.

    • Sports jerseys/shirts may not be worn except on specified spirit days.

    • Clothing must be free of gang slogans, graffiti, drug, or sexual connotations.

    • Shirts must be appropriate length (if you raise your arms, stomach should not show). Spaghetti straps and low cut shirts are not allowed. Undergarments should not be visible.