• Classroom Expectations

    Mrs. Wright’s Algebra 2 Honors Class


    Welcome back to another school year! It is important that we establish the rules and expectations so that we can enjoy a fun and productive year. Below you will find a list of classroom standards. It is expected that you will conduct yourself in a manner that promotes learning.


    *It is assigned EVERY DAY and checked for completion at the beginning of the period the next day. The stamp sheet is collected at the end of each week to be put into aeries gradebook. Do not lose this stamp sheet, it is your record that you have completed the homework.

    *If you are absent, it is your responsibility to get the missed assignments. You have the number of days of excused absence to turn in the work.

    *Late homework will be given half credit if turned in completed and before the end of the unit. No late work will be accepted after the unit test or incomplete.

    *Write your name and period in the top right corner and the assignment in pen!

    *Write the title (assignment) on the first line in pen.

    *All work must be shown in neatly written steps using a pencil.


    Tests are given at the end of each chapter. You will have 1 week to make up test if you are absent. If you have not made up the test within 1 week of the original test date, your score becomes a ZERO. It is YOUR responsibility to come see me when you return to take the make-up test.

    Group Tests are often given 2 days before a unit test. There is no make-up for a missed group test. Your individual chapter test score will be counted for both the group and individual tests.

    Quizzes are given periodically during the chapter. There is one day to make up a missed quiz, as I pass them back the next day. If you are absent the day of the quiz and the following day your individual chapter test score will be used.

    Homework, tests, and quizzes must be done in pencil, or receive a zero. 

    Recommended Supplies:

    Pencil, eraser, pen, lined paper, graph paper, highlighter, 1-inch binder, and scientific calculator


    Tests (40%), Quizzes/ Group Tests (20%), Homework (10%), Classwork (10%),

    Final Exam (20%).


    By adhering to the above standards, we can expect a very educationally productive year.


    Please feel free to email me at any time.       Lori.Wright@sausd.us












Last Modified on August 9, 2019