• Classroom Expectations:
    1.  Abide by the school wide tardy policy; this is posted on the school tardy policy poster, in the classroom.
    2. Be kind, courteous and considerate of all classmates as well as the teacher.
    3. Come prepared to class.  Bring paper, pencils and pens for writing. Bring your Chromebook each day. 
    4.  Turn in work on time.  If English literature work is late, it will be reduced by one grade
          per day.  If portfolio work is late, it will be counted for half credit.  All portfolios are due in March,
          on the given date, no exceptions.
    5.  No food or gum allowed in class, as per school policy.
    6.  Electronics, cosmetics and other distracting items are not to be used in class. 
         Cell phones must be set aside and silenced; unless otherwise directed by the teacher.
    7.  Give your best efforts.  Do your best on independent and group work.  Participate
         in class discussion and ask questions as needed. 
    8. Check Aeries regularly.
Last Modified on August 22, 2018