1.  All students are expected to dress daily in the required SHS P.E. uniform with athletic shoes,  socks, and no jewelry.     No school clothing may be worn underneath your P.E. uniform (i.e. 2nd T-shirt, jeans, other shorts, leggings, etc.)  Students are also expected to participate in all exercises, running, and the activity of the day.  ABSOLUTELY NO sharing of P.E. uniforms.

    2. No additional markings are allowed on your P.E., uniform!  Any additional markings found will result in your having to purchase a new shirt or shorts.

    3.  Please enter the locker room quietly and respectfully and go to your assigned locker to dress.

    4.  Students are given seven (7) minutes in which to dress .After dressing they must go outside and sit down on their assigned numbers in their own roll call area.  Dress quickly and do not play in the locker room.

    5.  When tardy bell rings, you are expected to be in the locker room.  Failure to do so will result in an unexcused tardy.

    6.  Keep lockers locked at all times.  Do not share your P.E. uniforms, your lockers or your combinations with other students!

    7.  For your safety, personal hygiene items, such as deodorant or lotion must be in plastic containers.  No glass containers of any kind will be allowed in the locker room.

    8.  Place all personal and valuable items in your locker and make sure your locker is locked.  The P.E. teachers or coaches are not responsible for lost or misplaced P.E. uniforms, money, jewelry, electronics or other valuables.  BE RESPONSIBLE; LOCK YOUR LOCKER!

    9.  Use the restroom if needed, before leaving the locker room.

    10.  No gum chewing, food, aerosol sprays or deodorants are allowed.

    11.  No profanity or degrading (put-downs) of any student(s) will be tolerated.  Respect others, their feelings, and their personal property.

    12.  After dressing back in your school clothes, and before leaving the locker room for the day, check that your P.E. uniform is picked up and your locker is locked!  Students are to remain in the designated P.E. area until the passing bell rings and a teacher/coach has dismissed you.

    13.  P.E. uniforms are to be taken home and washed every Friday and should be brought back clean every Monday.

    14.  Respect all equipment and school property.  Your teachers and coaches ask  that you not destroy or mess up an area of the gym, blacktop or field which has been set up for an activity (cones, goals, bases, etc.).

    15.  To be successful in Physical Education, students must dress, make an effort and do their best to be cooperative, follow class rules and participate in each activity presented.

    16.  No use of electronics devices of any kind allowed in class.

Last Modified on August 23, 2018