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    Student Name: Alora E. 

    Grade:  6th 

    Book Title: Finding Family  
    Genre:   Fiction

    Author:   Tonya Bolden 

    Finding Family
    "Finding Family” is about one girl having six toes.  A girl name Viola bullies the girl.  Also, she tries finding her long lost father.  She was embarrassed when she took her shoes off, but she didn’t care.  The story takes place at her school.  She is a very nice person.  I would really recommend that you check out this book.  It would take a little more time to read and it is a 4th to 6th grade reading level.  I’m in the 6th grade and I LOVE IT !

    Student Name: Victoria D. 

    Grade:  7th 

    Book Title: "Twilight" and "New Moon"  

    Genre:  Fiction

    Author:   Stephanie Meyer

    new moon

    “Twilight” is a beautiful book about a teen named Bella Swan who moved with her dad and falls deeply in love with a vampire named Edward Cullen. He also falls for her but has to hold himself back because of what he is… a vampire that lives off blood.   New Moon” is an interesting sequel to “Twilight.” In this book Bella warms up to Jacob Black’s side; the werewolves.  As we learn about Jacob’s love for Bella, Edward mourns for Bella, regretting he ever left her. 

    Student Name: Jennifer E.     Grade:  5th

    Book Title: "11 Birthdays"    Genre:    Fiction 

    Author:  Wendy Mass 

    11 Birthdays

    11Birthdays is the best book I have ever read.  The main characters are Leo and Amanda.  Wendy Mass is a great writer.  This is about Amanda and Leo getting into afight on their birthday.  When Amanda’s birthday was over she went to sleep and the next day it was her birthday again and again until the spell was broken.



    Student Name:  Bryan D.  Grade:  6th

    Book Title:  “Hot Dog and Bob and the Surprisingly Slobbery Attack of the Dog-wash Doggies

    Genre:      Fiction

    Author:      L. Bob Rovetch 

    Hot Dog

    Hot Dog and Bob and the Surprisingly Slobbery Attack of the Dog-wash DoggiesAll is going well at the fifth grade fundraiser until talking dogs from the planet Bow Wow Wow Wow arrive to take over the earth and turn Bob and his unsuspecting classmates into their pets! It is Dogtastical!!


    Student Name: Madelyne A.

    Grade:   6th

    Book Title: : The Curse of the RomanyWolves

    Genre: Fiction

    Author:    S. Jones Rogan 

    the curse

    The Curse of the Romany Wolves is an awesome action and adventure book.  I read it and nowit’s my favorite book! It will take your breath away!  I highly recommend you check it out. 

    Student Name: Claire M. 

    Grade:  5th
    Book Title: : The Bad Beginning"

    Genre: Fiction 

    Author:   Lemony Sniket

    The bad beginning

    The Bad Beginning is a novel about the Bandrelaire children, who were having a walk on the beach when they were told that their parents had died in a horrible fire and would be sent to live with their uncle, County Olaf.  Count Olaf made them do all the chores in his disgusting house.  Then he locked the youngest Bandrelaire, Sunny, in a cage and hung her off a tower and made them act in a play or one ofthem would die.  This book will surely lead you to reading the other 12 books of the Series of Unfortunate Events!


    Student Name: Marieanne P.

    Grade: 5th

    Book Title: : Where the Red Fern Grows"

    Genre: Fiction

    Author:   Wilson Rawls

    Red fern

    This last year I read the bookWhere the Red Fern Grows.”  This wonderful story was mainly about a boy who travels downhill and uphill to buy two hound pups.  The main character Billy was determined to win the gold cup in the annual coonhunt contest.  I was alarmed to read about how Billy foughta mountain lion.  My favorite part of the story is towards the end when Billy discovers the legend of the red fern.  I think you will really like this book

    Student Name:  Melissa C.

    Grade:  4th

    Book Title:   Love You Forever

    Genre:  Fiction

    Author:   Robert Munsch


    Love You Forever is about a young woman who tells her son throughout his childhood how she loves him, until a time which the son has a daughter of his own and passes the same message of love to her.  I tell people to read it because it is loving and sad.


    Student Name:  Robert S.

    Grade:  4th

    Book Title:   Robin’s First Flight  Genre:  Fiction

    Author:     Robert Greenberger


    Robin’s First flight, I love this book because it tells you about Tim Drake and how he became Robin.  Robin and Nightwing have to find Batman before midnight.  I think you will enjoy this book and then want to read the other superhero books..


    Student Name:  Ciara W.

    Grade:  6th

    Book Title:Ruined

    Genre:  Fiction

    Author:     Paula Morris


    “RuinedOne day Rebecca meets a girl named Lisette in LaFayette Cemetery.  She is not a human, she is a ghost.  Lisette shows Rebecca all the nooks and crannies of the city.  I liked this book so much that I couldn’t stop reading it. There was a girl named Rebecca.  Her father had to go to China, so he sent Rebecca to New Orleans to live with her Aunt Claudia.  She feels out of place in her new school. 


    Student Name: Mikayla B.

    Grade: 4th

    Book Title: Popularity Papers

    Genre: Fiction

    Author:  Amy Ignatow



    "Popularity Papers"  Lydia Goldblatt and Julie Graham-Chang have been best friends since they were little kids.  They start out as nerds. They want to be one of the popular kids in school, they set out to observe several of these kids to find out  what makes them so popular. They record their observations in a shared notebook. Julie is the more shy member of the pair, but also an artist. Lydia is less afraid to try new things, but sometimes goes a little too far. Towards the end, they get in a fight, but become friends again.


    Student Name: Gerardo C.

    Grade:  4th

    Book Title:“Mud Flat Mystery

    Genre: Fiction

    Author:  James Stevenson

    Mud Flat

    Mud Flat Mystery” This book would make you be happy.The book is about some animals who want to open their friend’s package that was delivered while he was away. They get very curious about what could be in the box.  It is a fun book to read.


    Student Name: Mark O.

    Grade: 4th

    Book Title: “Oggie Cooder

    Genre: Fiction

    Author: Sarah Weeks



    Oggie Cooder” The book is about a boy who carves stuff out of cheese.  He calls it charving (cheese carving with his teeth) and it’s favorite thing to do.  But when a weird show comes to town, a girl named Donna Perfecto hears about it, and she wants Oggie to teach her to charve.  Get ready for a funny book!!


    Student Name:  Ashley M.

    Grade:  4th

    Book Title: “Fire Star

    Genre: Fiction

    Author:  Chris D’Lacey



    "Fire Star" A research trip to the Artic and a contract for a new book – life can’t get much better for David Rain.  But as soon as David finds himself in the icy climes, he begins to write his legend of bears, dragons and the mysterious fire star.  Soon he realizes that his tale is beginning to mirror real life, and that an old enemy is on her way to meet him.  Can David twart her evil plan?  Or will his world be destroyed forever?


    Student Name:  America L.

    Grade:   4th

    Book Title:  “The Meanest Doll in the World

    Genre: Fiction

    Author:  Ann M. Martin and Laura Godwin


    The Meanest Doll in the WorldA doll called Annabelle and a doll called Tiffany are best friends, but they got lost in the wrong  house and they find a doll called Mean Mimi, the meanest doll of all.  All the want to do is to find their way back home.


    Student Name:  Minh N.

    Grade: 4th

    Book Title:  “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

    Genre:   Fiction

    Author:  J.K. Rowling

    Harry CS

    Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”Harry is now on a quest to find the old chamber of secrets made by Slytherin himself.  The teachers all say that the place is a myth.  Do you think it is true or not?

    Student Name:  Janiah B.

    Grade:  4th

    Book Title: “Emily’s Fortune

    Genre: Fiction

    Author:  Phyllis Reynolds Naylor




    Emily’s Fortune”Emily’s parents had passed away in a steamboat accident and a carriage accident. The Child Catchers try to catch Emily, but they couldn’t find her. So they try giving $10 million to whoever finds her.  Emily’s uncle, Victor wants that cash.  He is very cruel to her and to Emily’s mother a long time ago.  He left Emily’s mother crying.  Along the way, Emily meets Jackson.  He ran away too and is an orphan.  Emily cuts her hair and wears Jackson’s dirty clothes. But when bandits find them, Uncle Victor takes over.  You need to read this book to find out what happens to Emily and Jackson.  I like this book because the author wrote it so that you think you are really there.

    Student Name:  Minh N.

    Grade:  4th

    Book Title: “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

    Genre: Fiction

    Author: J.K. Rowling


    Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” This is Harry’s first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  The main characters in the story are Harry Potter, Hermione and Ron.  He is on a quest to find the Sorcerer’s Stone.  Harry is now sorry about doubting Snape.

    Student Name:  Minh N.

    Grade: 4th

    Book Title: “Dragon Rider

    Genre:  Fiction

    Author: Cornelia Funke

    Dragon rider

    Dragon Rider” This book is about a quest to find the “Rim of Heaven,” a safe place where dragons can live peacefully without humans or Nettlebrand attacking the.  The characters in the story are:  Ben a human boy, Firedrake, a friendly dragon, Sorrel a mean and grumpy brownie, Twigleg, a small homunculus and Nettlebrand, an evil unknown monster.  They travel to the Himalayas – a place where the “Rim of Heaven” lies.

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