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    A Dog's Purpose
    Author: W. Bruce Cameron 
    It tells the story of a dog that continues reincarnating and realizes he'll keep coming back until he fulfills his purpose. But first he has to figure out what that purpose is.   

    Dog's Purpose

    Where the Red Fern Grows
    Author: Wilson Rawls
    A novel written by Wilson Rawls in 1961 about a boy who buys and
    trains two Redbone Coonhound hunting dogs.

    Where the Fern Grows

    Maniac Magee
    Author: Jerry Spinelli
    A homeless orphan becomes a legend in a town divided by racism in this sometimes funny, sometimes moving, always exciting story. Book Trailer by Angie Wheeler  

    Maniac Magee

    Hear a Titanic Survivor Tell His Story - Albert Caldwell
     Click hereTitanic Survivor Story

    Hear a titanic survivor tell his story.  In April 1912, Albert Caldwell boarded the Titanic with his wife and their baby son.  The family travelled with all of their possessions.  Their amazing tale, told by Albert’s great-niece Julie Hedgepeth Williams in a recently published book called “A Rare Titanic Family:  The Caldwells’ Story of Survival.”  This recording was done a few years before his death in 1977.


    Interested in learning more about the Titanic?  The library has several different books concerning the sinking of this great ship as well as other disasters.  One really good book about the accounts of what happened on that fateful night is “A Night to Remember” by Walter Lord.  It is a classic account of the final hours of the Titanic.  It is also a movie that was done in 1958. 


    Hugo Cabret
    Author: Brian Selznick  
    The Invention of Hugo Cabret is an American historical fiction book written and illustrated by Brian Selznick and published by Scholastic.


    Hugo 3



    The Book Thief
    By Markus Zusak
    Reading Level 5.1   Points  18.0   Test #106101
    At the graveside of her little brother, Liesel Meminger's life is changed when she picks up a book hidden in the snow.  The name of the book is The Gravedigger's Handbook, left there by mistake.  And so begins Liesel's first act of book thievery as well as her love of books and words, with the help of her accordion-playing foster dad, learns to read.
    But this is WWII in Nazi Germany and dangerous times.  When the family hides a Jew in their basement, Liesel's world is both opened up and closed down.

    Book Thief








    The Graveyard Book
    Author: Neil Gaimen
    The story is about a boy named Nobody Owens who, after his family is murdered, is adopted and raised by the occupants of a graveyard.  Trailer Narrated by Neil Gaimen

    The Graveyard Bk



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