• Here are some tips to help your student be as successful in school as possible.

    1)     Keep Schoolwork and Home Life in Balance
    • Make sure students are not “over booked” – they need time for homework and adequate sleep
    • Check their calendars daily if possible. If you have a question regarding an assignment or grade, contact your student's teacher. 

    2)     Academic Goals

    • Discuss favorite subjects and the subjects that they are struggling with.
    • Set goals for the year.
    • Discuss possible career goals and whether they will need to attend college to achieve that goal – this can guide their choices in classes in high school.
    • Ask students to explain a major concept they learned that day/ week to you.  Ask questions if you don’t understand or suggest examples and connections if you are familiar with the topic

    3)     Have your student read every day!

    •  It is the best way to improve their vocabulary, reading, writing, grammar conventions, knowledge of the world.
    • Students should be reading at least 30 minutes a night.
    • Take students to the library or a book store to find interesting, fun books that will keep them reading.  Libraries often have books for purchase for as little as 25 cents and Scholastic Books clubs have books for as low as a dollar.
    • Ask your child to tell you about what they are reading.

    4)     Have your child write every day!

    • Writing is becoming increasingly important for high school, college, obtaining a job,  and being promoted.
    • To increase speed and fluency, students should write everyday.
    •  Topics can vary:
      1. What they learned in school
      2. An event that happened to them (recently or in the past)
      3. Summarize what they read for class (any class)
      4. Write a response to a TV show, movie, video game (could be a review, and analysis, or a summary)


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Last Modified on May 6, 2022