• Work Experience Education

    Santa Ana Unified School District’s Career Development/ROP provides Work Experience Education (WEE) at the high schools to juniors and seniors.  Students may earn between 5-20 credits towards high school graduation elective.  WEE provides the link for students to connect academic core curriculum with the world of work.

    The rationale for having WEE program is the changing nature of work in our society, which requires students to develop appropriate work ethics and attitudes that contribute to the success of their future in postsecondary education/training and preparing realistically and wisely for careers.  Students’ successes in WEE focuses on the quality of the related classroom instructional component, the quality of the partnership between the employers and SAUSD, along with the degree of involvement by the students and parents.

    Student Selection:  WEE is open to all juniors and senior who are working a minimum of five hours per week.  Students must meet the following criteria to enroll in WEE:

    ·         Student must have a Work Permit (if under the age of 18 years old)

    ·         Student must be paid at least minimum wage

    ·         Employer must provide Worker’s Compensation Insurance

    ·         Employer must be willing to participate in the WEE

    Currently the WEE course is available at Saddleback, Santa Ana and Valley High Schools.  Students meet with their WEE teacher once a week on Tuesdays.  Students turn in time cards and are evaluated on a weekly basis.
    Saddleback High School:
      - Name:
    Ms. Tara Kroener
      - Phone: (714) 513-2961
      - Email:  Tara.Kroener@sausd.us
    Santa Ana High School:
      - Name: Ms. Berenice Gurski
      - Phone: (714) 567-4910
      - Email: Berenice.Gurski@sausd.us
    Valley High School:
      - Name: Mr. Robert Sanchez
      - Phone: (714) 241-5429
      - Email: 
    For further information contact ROP at (714) 566-8400
Last Modified on July 29, 2018