What is Articulation?

    Articulation is a method designed to connect several educational organizations by means of a formal articulation agreement. The agreement allows students to earn community college credit through successful completion of the high school / CTE course or program. This prevents a student from repeating a course in high school / CTE and college and thus duplicating their learning.

    Articulation is generally considered a systematic process that will permit students to move from one course, program, or educational level to the next without loss of time or resources.

    Benefits of Articulation

    1. Reduces duplication of time, effort and costs for students
    2. Allows students to receive college credit and/or advanced placement through effort and achievement at the high school, CTE, or adult school level
    3. Encourages setting of educational goals and the development of plans to achieve these goals
    4. Eases transition from one educational level to another
    5. Provides an opportunity for students to acquire marketable skills in a more effective, efficient manner
    6. Offers students incentives to continue their education at a more advanced level

    Articulation Process for Students

    For high school / CTE students who want to earn community college credit at Santa Ana College for their high school / CTE course:

    1. Enroll in an articulated course at your high school / CTE
    2. Earn an “A” or “B” in the course.
    3. Receive a Rancho Santiago Community College District Completion of Articulation Course form (Completer’s Certificate) that has been completed by your teacher at the end of your course.
    4. Apply to Santa Ana Community College.
    5. During the registration process at Santa Ana College, let Admissions and Records know that you have completed the articulated course during the past two years and need to obtain articulation credit on your transcript.
    6. Bring your signed Rancho Santiago Community College District Completion of Articulation Course form (Completer’s Certificate) to R-107 to have the credit placed on your transcript. Also, bring your transcript to verify your CTE grade of “A” or “B.” Call Lucy Sims at 714-564-6224 ahead of time to find out what hours she will be available to assist you. You can also call 714-564-6629 atSanta Ana College for more information.
    7. College credit for your articulated class will be awarded.

    Articulation Process for Teachers

    For high school / CTE teachers who articulate their courses with Santa Ana College:

    1. The Articulation Agreement with Santa Ana College must be signed and up-to-date for the current school year.
    2. Please refer to the attached spreadsheet to confirm the status of your Articulation Agreement and the Santa Ana course/course # that your CTE course articulates with.
    3. If your student successfully completes your articulated course, please sign theRancho Santiago Community College District Completion of Articulation Course form (Completer’s Certificate).
    4. Give the original of the form to the student and retain a copy for your records.
    5. CTEp coordinates/negotiates the signing and renewal of Articulation Agreements for the Orange, Garden Grove, and Santa Ana CTE programs. Your CTE Administrator will contact you if your Articulation Agreement needs renewal. If you have any questions about articulation, please contact your CTE Administrator.

Last Modified on August 10, 2015