• Chavez High School

    Spanish Classes: 221AF, 221AS, 222AF, 222AS.


    Mr. Gustavo Urrea

    Class Objectives:  To teach all students basic and advanced Spanish grammar and communication skills in order to become efficient in the Spanish language.  Students will learn to distinguish and appreciate the history, culture, literature and products from all Spanish speaking countries.  Students will be able to connect their findings with other disciplines such as History, Government and Math.  Students will be able to differentiate the grammatical structures between the Spanish and the English Language and will participate in multicultural settings in the classroom and community.

    Texts: Nuevas Vistas (1 and 2). Exprésate (1, 2 and 3).

    Grammar                                                 Literature

    Present Tense

    Short story (Quiroga, García Márquez & others

    Preterit Tense (Past Tense)

    Poetry (Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, Rubén Darío & collections from the text.

    Imperfect Tense

    Drama: García Lorca & Collections from text

    Compound Verbs

    Creative Writing

    Reflexive verbs

    Novels : La ciudad de Los Dioses, Los pobres inocentes and others.

    Sentence Structure

    Reading Aloud

    Art: Paintings from various Spanish and Latin American Artists (El Greco, Dalí, Khalo, etc…)

    Accents and Pronunciation

    Unit Grades Weekly Credit Evaluation

    90-100 A


    Homework 25%

    80-89 B


    Class work 25%

    70-79 C


    Exams 25%

    60-19 D


    • Homework consists of creating a presentation or a research paper.
    • Students do research about a country, Hero, Culture, Art or Literature (short story, novel or theater).
    • Students create a Poster, PowerPoint, a Skit or write an Essay about their research.
    • Students must present their project in front of an audience.

    *Presentations and written essays are worth 2 credits and must be of excellent quality in

    order to receive full credit.

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