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    César E. Chávez High School provides a learning environment with options to insure student success academically and socially.  This achieved through an culture of excellence which believes that there are two things critical to an education which ensures that student will make choices that will result in positive, productive outcomes both academically and socially.   A standards-based curriculum is delivered through lessons that are effective and engaging (student centered) and by teachers who believe in developing positive relationships with students.  All of this is achieved within the "Therapeutic Web" created by teachers who practice that every interaction with students is positive and healing.  This is embodied in the mission statement of Chávez that we continuously work at "Making students WHOLE" - wellness, happiness, organization, learning, excellence. 

    Chávez High School offers students throughout the district who are 16 and 17 years old in grades 9-12, the opportunity to participate in a comprehensive yet individualized program of studies provided within a small school setting. Chávez High School focuses on helping students to recover lost credits, and allow them to graduate in a timely manner.  The school is designed to meet the needs of students who are English Learners, Pregnant Minors, Teen Parents, Special Education, Migrant, and Gifted and Talented students. Enrollment in the school is arranged through a referral process initiated by site administrators at traditional high school for students who are deficient in credits. Students must complete 220 credits in required courses of study, pass the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE), and meet the District's proficiency in writing in order to be able to receive a high school diploma. Chávez High School received a six-year term of accreditation from WASC in 2010. The school has also been recognized by the California Department of Education as a California Model School.

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    Mr. Cruz at Desk  
    César E. Chávez High School is a extraordinary place.  It is a high school that offers non-traditional options for the students of Santa Ana School District to take control over their academic paths to college and/or careers.  Classes fulfilling the A through G college requirements can be taken at accelerated rates; meaning that students are able to obtain a high school diploma and enter into a university or career earlier than what is possible at traditional high schools.  The dedicated teaching staff works diligently to structure classes so that Core Standards are accessible to students, and are student-centered.  What this means is that students at César E. Chávez High School are delivered a rigorous meaningful education empowering them to achieve their unique plans of study.

    Students at Chávez High School will develop plans of study enabling them to plan, implement, and monitor their classes.  Their unique plans will be developed online through the California College Guidance Initiative.  After creating their own student profiles at, students will be able to track their own progress towards achieving their post-secondary (after high school) dreams.  Graduating with a diploma from César E. Chávez High School means that students are prepared and ready for a successful college education and/or prosperous career. The academic footprint of César E. Chávez High School is big in how it can support students who have a need to recover credits lost due to illness, family problems, or just poor personal choices.  It is also big in how it can support students who want an opportunity to participate in an accelerated academic program so that they can quickly move on to a college or career. 

    Although big in its academic offerings, the Chávez campus is intimate in scale with class sizes smaller than what you would find at a traditional high school.  This makes it possible for students to develop strong relationships with teachers and staff who actively care about them, helping them daily to make positive choices. Making students WHOLE is the daily work of César E. Chávez High School.  We work with students to insure that they are Well.  We will help students discover their purpose in life so that they will be Happy.  We teach them how to be Organized so that they can work on a plan of study.  We insure that they Learn what is necessary to achieve academic success.  And we teach them the joy of being Excellent. Every student is an integral part of the success at César E. Chávez High School.  And at Chávez High School, we prove that the WHOLE is greater than the sum of its parts.  The greatness at César E. Chávez High School is making students WHOLE.  We invite you to be a part of its greatness.

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    Matthew G. Cruz

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