• Alexandra I. Bravo
              Physical Education Department Chair
                        Baby Terrance                           Girl's PE Office
                                                          Conference Period 2
                                              Email: Alexandra.Bravo@SAUSD.US
                                                  Office phone: (714) 569 - 6386
                                                IG: @alexsfitlife12 for fitness ideas
                                                  Brenda Bermudez-Long Term Sub
           PE exercises at home <--- Assigned by Ms. Bermudez 3/16 
    I would like to see your exercise log on this.
    Hello students! I'm back from my maternity leave but I'm sad I can't physically be with you. I've miss you. I want to know how you're doing and if there is something I can help with. Look below for this week's assignments. Don't worry, assignments will not be too difficult but lets get some work done.
    1.   Click Student Check In to complete. Due 4/17
    2. Share your PE log from substitute assignment with me via email (see address above). Include first & last name. Due 4/17 This is a log where you are keeping track of the date, time and exercises you are doing on a daily basis. You can include family exercises, walks, bike rides, or runs. You should have been exercising since 3/16 based on the sub's assignment above. 
    Assignments will be posted on Google Classroom from now on. Make sure to copy the correct code to your designated class and sign up. 
    Google Classroom Codes
    Period 1 ykl2x66
    Period 3 jpi7hbo
    Period 4 nv7a4is
    Period 6 csk7325
    Period 7 o4iw4ef