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  • Douglas Lord                                                    

    8th Grade English Language Arts
    (per. 1, 4, 6)
    Ethnic Studies
    (per. 2)
    Speech and Debate 
    (per. 3)
    Flight Path Social Club (TBD)
    Heritage Club
    (D.C. and N.Y.C. trip planned for June, 2024)
    Phone (Villa at Century Campus): 714-796-7474 (ext. 67474) 
    Phone: 714-726-5706 (cell)
    Room: 5204
    Google Classroom Access Codes
    Period 1: hjjoe5o
    Period 2: gp47fn2
    Period 3: vusatec
    Period 4: mgi32u5
    Period 6: drlduwe
  • Remote Online Learning Expectations:
    1) Check Google Classroom each day for updates and learning opportunities.
    2) Attend classes or if quarantined, do assignments and review lectures through google Classroom.
    3) Engage with your teacher through email, Meets, and phone calls.
    4) Inform your teacher of any concerns (technical, emotional, familial, etc.).
    5) Take advantage of the many resources extended to you by the school and SAUSD.
    6) Be patient with yourself and others. Set your own schedule, work at your pace, and take control of your learning. 
Last Modified on August 29, 2023