School Pride

  • Dedicated to Raymond A. Villa

    Raymond A. Villa


    Have you ever wondered why our school is named Raymond A. Villa?  Schools are usually named after people who are famous or have made contributions to the community.
    Raymond A. Villa Fundamental Intermediate School is a tribute to the life and efforts of a man who came to Santa Ana and made a difference for Santa Ana! 
    Mr. Villa was the first Hispanic Santa Ana Councilman, in 1969.  For twenty years, he dedicated his service to the community, including being appointed to the Santa Ana Unified School District’s Career Development Education Advisory Board and serving as state director of the League of United Latino American Citizens.
    Raymond A. Villa died on November 13, 1992, at the age of 75.
    On November 5, 1998, Villa Fundamental Intermediate School held its Grand Opening and Dedication. 
    Let us all continue to remember the commitment of Raymond A. Villa and continue his legacy by doing our very best, in school and in our community!


Last Modified on September 15, 2017