General Information



    Communication between home and school is a high priority at Thomas Jefferson Elementary School.  A variety of methods are used to explain school programs and activities, including ParentSquare, informational flyers, and monthly calendars.  Please read and review the content of these handouts with your child. 




    The office telephone is reserved for official school business and for student use only in emergencies. Transportation for students needs to be arranged prior to coming to school, so there is no need for students to use the telephone after school. Students will not be kept after school for more than fifteen (15) minutes. There are no exceptions.




    Anyone bringing forgotten lunches, money, homework, etc. to their child must check-in in the main office.  If you need to get an emergency message to your child during the day, please contact the office and we will relay the message. Please call before 10:00 a.m. in order to assure that messages reach your child prior to lunch, and before 1:00 p.m. to get messages to your child prior to dismissal.





    For safety reasons, parents who are picking up or dropping off students must do so at our Drop off/Pick up area only, located in front of the school.  Do not double park or leave your car unattended in this area as this creates a safety hazard and blocks the flow of traffic.  Also prohibited are U-Turns in front of Jefferson School and stopping or parking in the bus zone. Do not block driveways.




    By law, all visitors must sign in with the office and obtain a “Visitor’s” badge before coming on campus. Make sure you bring a valid form of identification. This is to ensure the safety of all students and assure that only authorized persons enter campus.




    No non-academic articles are to be brought to school. This includes trading cards, electronic games, and toys. Any toys or items that are brought to school from home that interfere with the educational process will be retained by the teacher or principal and can be retrieved at the end of the school year at the parent’s request. Jefferson School will not be responsible for toys/items from homes that are lost, stolen, or damaged.




    All unclaimed articles that are found are placed in a box outside of the school cafeteria.  Students should check for lost items during the school day.  Please write your child’s name on the label of all jackets and sweaters.




    Listed below are the requirements for students who must take medication while in school:


    1.   Parents must furnish the school office with the district required forms signed by the child’s physician giving permission for the school to give all medication. 

    2.   The medication must be provided to the office in the original prescription or an over-the-counter container with the label giving instructions.  No medication will be accepted in plastic bags or unmarked containers.

    3.   While the school will make every effort to cooperate, the child must assume responsibility for going to the office for the medication.

    4.   It is the parent’s/guardian’s responsibility to notify the school of any change in medication orders by the child’s physician.